Stop Cruel Circus That Allegedly Beats Animals

Target: Jerry G. Gantt, Imperial Sir of Arabia Shrine

Goal: Stop Arabia Shrine from hosting the cruel Jordan World Circus unless it drops its animal acts.

Despite Jordan World Circus’ terrible reputation of allegedly beating and neglecting its animals, Arabia Shrine in Texas still plans on hosting the circus. It is time to stop supporting this cruel form of entertainment.

Jordan World Circus has racked up so many Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations that it is apparently no longer allowed to exhibit animals. Instead, the circus leases animals from Brett Carden and Carson & Barnes Circus. While these two still have the right to exhibit animals, they also have questionable histories when it comes to animal welfare. Mr. Carden’s elephants were apparently recorded showing excessive stress signs and one elephant seemed to be injured as she kept all her weight shifted off her back, left leg. Carson & Barnes Circus has made over 100 AWA violations for a variety of issues, including failure to provide veterinary care that led to preventable deaths, according to reports. Handlers from Carson & Barnes Circus have also reportedly been recorded beating elephants with bullhooks.

No animal should suffer for human entertainment. Sign this petition and demand Arabia Shrine cancel its plans with Jordan World Circus unless it drops its animal acts.


Dear Imperial Sir Gantt,

Despite knowing of Jordan World Circus’ dark past when it comes to animal welfare, your venue still plans on hosting the circus. It is time to stop supporting an industry that profits off of animal suffering.

Jordan World Circus has lost its right to exhibit animals due to its apparently overwhelming amount of Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations. The circus currently leases animals from Brett Carden and Carson & Barnes Circus, who also have questionable reputations when it comes to animal welfare, according to reports. Mr. Carden’s elephants have been recorded showing excessive signs of stress, while one elephant’s back, left leg seemed to be injured as she kept all her weight shifted to the right. Carson & Barnes Circus has racked over 100 AWA violations for various reasons, including the alleged failure to provide veterinary care that led to the death of two hippos.

Please consider no longer allowing Jordan World Circus to perform at your arena unless it drops its animal acts. These animals belong in the wild, not in cages and crowded arenas suffering for human entertainment.


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Photo credit: DirkJan Ranzijn

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  1. Dominique Le Frapper says:

    When is this going to stop?

  2. I used to support the shriners BIG TIME, no more!! They are losing lots of supporters because of these old abusive ridiculous circuses, It’s 2017, people do not want to see this garbage. This particular group has multiple citations for neglect and cruelty, but do these shriners care? Nope, and NO MONEY from us!!

  3. I thought the Shiners did good works. I guess I was wrong if they allow animal cruelty. Shame on the Shiners!

  4. Please stop hurting animals….this is not entertainment…. Everyone knows they are beaten to submit ….they must not live in fear….

  5. Heather Brophy says:

    Jerry, You call yourself a Shriner what a joke. You are an Ignorant, Cruel, Greedy Bastard if you let the Jordan TORTURE Circus perform and if you do may you burn in Hell!

  6. Please stop with traveling circuses-shows. It’s a cruel, lonely, unnatural, way for any animal.

  7. Those beautiful, intelligent creatures are tortured and debased their entire lives. Their suffering must be horrific. People attend the shows because they don’t know what goes on. The whole thing is just as disgusting as it gets.

  8. I hate circuses, rodeos and anything that involves animals being hurt. No one but an idiot would go to a circus or someone so dumb they don’t know what goes on with animals backstage…boycott them all!!!

  9. Rosie Boyd Rosie Boyd says:

    If a country like Guatemala can understand the cruelty involved and ban the use of aniamals in circuses why can’t Arabia Shrine? Are they really that retarded that they think it’s acceptable?
    Imperial Sir is definitely retarded for allowing it in the first place. I’ve seen peanuts with more intellect that this monster!

  10. Shriners… This is ruining your image and reputation … It is an outdated way to raise money and fewer and fewer people support anything that promotes animal abuse. Thanks to the internet and animal rights activists awareness is changing public opinion… Get with the program….

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