Stop Culling of One Million Kangaroos

Target: Andrew Barr, Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory

Goal: Stop Australia from allowing more than a million kangaroos to be killed in an annual needless slaughter.

Australia is planning for another attack on kangaroos. The kangaroo cull is approved by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) each year and allows for kangaroos living on reserves in and around Canberra to be slaughtered. More than a million kangaroos are expected to be shot this year.

The argument in favor of the cull claims that the large number of kangaroos living on those reserves are a threat to a functioning ecosystem. They argue it helps to prevent overgrazing while also protecting certain plants in parks and nature reserves — but that doesn’t eliminate the cruel nature of this practice.

The cull has been happening annually since 2009. In 2014, a report from the Canberra Times revealed that 35 percent of kangaroos shot that year also had pouch young. This means that kangaroo joeys were (and still are) being slaughtered before they even got the chance to leave their mothers’ pouches. In 2o15, that number reached around 41 percent. The means by which the joeys are killed after their mothers include decapitation or a direct blow to the head. Those that manage to escape immediate death after their mothers are killed usually wind up dying as a result of starvation and abandonment.

The ACT needs to be spending time working towards finding an alternative and nonlethal way of sustaining the kangaroo population, if the population is even proven to be a serious problem. Solutions could include relocation or the use of a fertility control drug. There is no way that this mass slaughter is the only solution. Sign below to demand the ACT find a nonlethal and safe solution.


Dear Andrew Barr,

The annual slaughter of kangaroos cannot be the only viable way of sustaining the population. You should be working towards finding a nonlethal and safe alternative so that the cruel practice can be brought to an end.

Over a million kangaroos will be shot this year, including mothers who are still harboring joeys in their pouches. You are not just killing grown kangaroos, but also babies before they even get the opportunity to leave their mothers pouch.

If the population is actually a serious problem, relocation or the use of fertility could drug could help solve the issue in a safe and humane manner. We encourage to work to find the solution that is not just easiest for you, but also best for the kangaroos who call Australia home.


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Photo Credit: The Canberra Times, Jeffrey Chan

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  1. Cruelty to innocent animals that are loosing habitat because of human overpopulation & greed. How sad.

  2. Ruth Tekell says:

    Culling NEVER works. It might appear to for a short while, but there are always repercussions and they become more and more difficult to fix every time a large population of one species is eliminated or interfered with! You’d better find another way or you will regret it, sooner or later. And probably sooner than you think.


  4. This is just so BLOODY STUPID and CRUEL . How on earth could the numbers be so high if there is a cull each year . Some idiots just do not like to a single KANGAROO at all . These are the people that must be pushing for these culls . NO MORE KANGAROO CULLS .

  5. Elena Buga says:

    There is no need for human population to be involved in any way of hown species evolve ,it doesn’t need never needed human intervention as animals were here before will be here long after humans will dissappear as a result of their extra populations polluting etc ..animals are not ours they were not given to us for some stupid reasons we think we are the rulers of planets and we think we allowed do what hell we want ..but we are not .nature’s course it’s brilliant doesn’t need human intervention same as it didn’t needed thousand of years before human appears and think they can take charge without consequences ..shame on the human race wake up and realise the potential of beeing a true protector of this planet which is not yours to begin with and not a destroyer as things will turn bad for human rase sane as it did long time ago ..

  6. Iris Owens says:

    Once again humans slaughtering innocent animals who were here long before we came along and took away their lands. Animals are far wiser than humans. They know when to stop populating. It’s time humans learned the same lesson.

  7. Alexis Adams says:

    This should NEVER EVER happen to any animal on earth.

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