Stop Torturing Baby Elephants to Learn Tricks for Zoo Visitors

Target: Andreas Michael Casdorff, Managing Director of Hanover Adventure Zoo

Goal: Stop forcing and allegedly abusing baby elephants to learn circus tricks for zoo visitors.

At the Hanover Adventure Zoo in Germany, baby elephants are forced to learn circus tricks and perform for zoo visitors. Allegedly, they are also abusing and punishing these innocent creatures in the training process.

PETA Germany recently released a video that showcased zookeepers at the Hanover Adventure Zoo beating a baby elephant with a bullhook and dragging another around by the neck. This was done while the zookeepers were trying to teach these elephants tricks to perform for zoo visitors.

Bullhooks are commonly used by those in the circus industry to control elephants. It’s used as a scare tactic to force the elephants into doing tricks that they don’t actually want to do – but will do because they are afraid of the punishment. The Hanover Adventure Zoo is allegedly using this same cruel tactic on the elephants.

A zoo is not a circus, and life in a zoo is already harmful enough for elephants as it is. Elephants are highly intelligent animals that rely on and form close-knit family structures when they live in the wild. They are usually unable to do that when in a zoo. When considering how harmful zoo life already is for elephants, forcing them to perform circus tricks just adds to the torture. Sign this petition to save these elephants and demand that the zoo stop allegedly abusing them by forcing them to perform for zoo visitors.


Dear Managing Director Casdorff,

The way you are treating the elephants in your zoo is unacceptable. Allegedly forcing them to perform circus tricks for your visitors and reportedly abusing them in the training process is animal abuse.

The footage PETA captured of your zookeepers abusing an elephant with a bullhook and dragging another around by its neck has revealed the cruel practices that really go on in your zoo. Those zookeepers deserve to be fired and this inhumane practice of scaring elephants into performing tricks needs to end. This causes severe mental, physical and psychological pain for the elephants that can not be undone.

Elephants are highly intelligent animals, and when they perform tricks, they are only doing so out of the fear of being hurt. This is no way for them to live. We highly encourage you to bring these allegedly cruel shows and abusive training practices to an immediate and permanent end.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: PETA

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  1. When are these abusive practices going to end? Sickening Germany allows such abuse although they are world wide known for their total disrespect and cruelty to all animals. Never visit HANOVER ADVENTURE ZOO!!

  2. This isn’t a zoo, it’s a torture chamber for animals, especially elephants. This is a black eye for Germany and makes Germans look like what they are – abusers and exploiters of innocent and defenseless animals. Shame on you.

  3. Shit this shit hole down, completely. This is not a zoo. It’s a torture chamber!

  4. Martina Behla says:

    That is animal cruelty. No animal lover support such entertainment.

  5. What kind of subhuman piece of shit go to these circus ?!??? WTF people, you are a fucking shame and should perish.

  6. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Despite the concentration camps being overrun in 1945, the type of sadistic personality needed to run them still shows up on occasion to abuse animals. The zoo needs to fire these keepers, and then go to their homes to check on the welfare of their children.

  7. What?!!! Id be more entertained seeing that idiot being taken out by a tiger!!

  8. This goddamn pack of hell, these damned whore sons.
    Which one should be stuck with the chop
    in the gob of this sadistic vile cunt, over and over again to the end
    The so-called “director” of the zoo hannover is wrong on the place = complicit.
    Animals abuse is not allowed in any way and prohibited by law.
    The zoo director is focussed on the “cut-together” of the video.
    Will this ??? Hmhm – oh yes “zoo director” from this damn and unheard of abnormal animal torment distracted ??????
    The evidence is there and basta
    To hell with all the guilty

  9. ihr verfluchten hurensöhne – warum lebt ihr noch?

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