Don’t Host Circus That Lost License Due to Animal Welfare Violations

Target: Greg Lyback, Assistant General Manager of Yakima Valley SunDome

Goal: Stop the Yakima Valley SunDome from hosting cruel animal shows.

The Yakima Valley SunDome has plans to host the notoriously cruel Jordan World Circus despite its reputation of allegedly abusing and neglecting its animals. It is time to stop supporting this inhumane form of entertainment.

Animals trapped within the entertainment industry face a variety of hardships. Animals in the circus are typically subjected to gruesome training techniques which often involve pain and fear tactics. Jordan World Circus has lost its license to exhibit animals due to its overwhelming amount of Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations. Therefore, the circus leases animals from exhibitors Brett Carden and Carson & Barnes Circus. Carson & Barnes Circus has over 100 violations against the AWA while Mr. Carden’s animals have been videotaped showing clear signs of distress — one elephant seemed to be injured as she kept her weight off one of her back legs.

Sign this petition and demand the Yakima Valley SunDome stop hosting shows that feature animal acts. These animals belong in the wild, not in loud, crowded arenas to put on shows for humans.


Dear Mr. Lyback,

The Yakima Valley SunDome plans on hosting Jordan World Circus, which has a questionable history in regards to animal welfare. Animals belong in the wild, not in crowded arenas putting on shows for humans. It is time to stop supporting this cruelty.

Animals held in circuses face a variety of mental and physical hardships. They are often put through a grueling training process which typically includes beating into submission and excessive periods of chaining. Jordan World Circus has made so many violations against the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) that it is no longer allowed to exhibit animals. Therefore, the circus leases animals from exhibitors Brett Carden and Carson & Barnes Circus. Carson & Barnes Circus has racked over 100 violations against the AWA while Mr. Carden’s animals have been recorded showing signs of excessive stress.

Please consider canceling your plans with Jordan World Circus and no longer allowing cruel animal acts in your venue. It is cruel to continue denying everything natural to these animals for a few moments of mere entertainment.


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Photo credit: wolfsavard

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  1. Amber Murray says:

    How about we do away with circuses all together, as well as any other forms of entertainment that include animals, and call it a day?

  2. As a Washingtonian I am ashamed to know that you have plans to allow a circus performance on Yakima grounds. Consider why this particular circus is not a legal entity. Consider instead how the animals have suffered for the greed of man. Cancel the performance and send them a message that Washington has no place for them.

  3. Linda Cummings says:

    These shows are from the dark ages and are managed by a pack of barbarians. Why in the name of God do these horror shows still exist? Have we not evolved to something better than this?

  4. Ruth Tekell says:

    These people are breaking the law now. The town isn’t enforcing it. Animal abuse is now a felony in the U.S. I’m not sure where this place is but if it is in the U.S. it should be shut down and the owners should be prosecuted! And it better be done fast before Trump decides to repeal the Animal Welfare Act. He hates animals and his family are known trophy hunters!

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