South Africa: Repeal Legalization of Rhino Horn Trade

Target: Paul Myburgh, South African Court of Justice Registrar

Goal: Demand legalization of domestic rhino horn trade be repealed immediately.

South Africa’s top court has overturned a ban on the domestic rhino horn trade, a ban that has been in place since 2009. This is very bad news for the country’s vulnerable rhino species, particularly the southern white rhino, which is heavily poached to bolster the ivory trade.

Rhino species have been in alarming decline for decades, with more and more being killed every day for their horns. Even with laws in place to stop the ivory trade and to protect these animals, hunters and poachers are still fighting to overturn these laws and to bend the rules in their favor. To them, it appears that making a profit is more important than the lives of living creatures. Worse, the majority of white rhinos left in this world live in South Africa; with the ban on horn trading overturned, this could decimate their population.

We cannot let this happen. Rhinos have been under attack for much too long, and they need protection now more than ever. Sign this petition to urge South Africa’s leaders to reinstate the rhino horn ban.


Dear President Zuma,

The South African court’s decision to overturn the ban on domestic rhino horn trade is reprehensible. Most of the world’s white rhino population resides in South Africa, thanks to the 2009 ban on horn trades, but the decision to repeal this law could critically endanger the southern white rhino, which has only recently recovered from near extinction thanks to massive conservation efforts.

Hunters and poachers have been killing this species en masse for years to fortify the ivory trade, which in and of itself is being banned and is considered unethical in several other countries. The approval of the horn trade is valuing profit made from ivory over the lives of innocent living creatures. Please work to pass new legislation to put the 2009 ban back in place. Do not let more rhinos die due to human greed.


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Photo Credit: Karl Stromayer

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  1. Czerny A. says:

    It appears that the South African court has been bought off by the disgusting Chinese. Why else repeal the ban?

    • China is a blight on this planet. It cares very little for the animal kingdom. They are a soulless barbarians.

      • Bev Woodburn says:

        Vile and evil China is definitely a blight on this planet.

        They are the cause of all the atrocities committed against the Wildlife and all innocent animals for their fake and evil medicinal claims, which have been proven false.

    • Bev Woodburn says:

      Yea ! The disgusting vile and evil Chinese. They are known as the vilest of heinous animal torture and suffering committed against innocent dogs, cats and all other innocent animals including the precious Wildlife Worldwide.
      Down with China and all there animal torturing lowlife subhuman Chinese monsters.

  2. Tina shurtleff says:

    There is no medicinal value in rhino horn. Call the S Aftican embassy and tell them no tourism if the ban is not put back in
    Place. This is ludicrous!

  3. Linda Cummings says:

    This is just pure evil, pure twisted insanity.

  4. Again man’s greed seems to win out over an endangered being. Is there no end to the thought that human life is more precious than any other? Stand up for the voiceless and innocent of the world – both man and animals alike. Be the voice to all who suffer, be an example for goodness, not carelessness.

  5. Cheryl Cook says:

    What in hell are they thinking?? Ah, yes…. could it be that more money would be nice, and this is an easy, “legal” way to get it….??
    Stupid way to regress your nation’s image by about 50 years!

  6. Helen Troy says:

    What ignorance! What a total lack of respect for living beings! What are the people of South Africa saying about this?

  7. No! Don’t do this! It’s a retrograde step, we must move forward. for the sake of ecology as well as humanity. Ignore the stupid, ignorant chinese! Who, in their right mind would believe that a bunch of matted hair- which is what rhino horn is- can cure anything? Don’t pander to them- even for the sake of the great god ”money”. Think Future, not the ignorant past.

  8. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Whenever I read that South Africa is up to no good where animals are concerned, I’m thankful that the very rational Trevor Noah is on TV in the states, or I’d think that ALL of you were as shallow as this law.

  9. Diane Anderson says:

    Quite honestly the South Africans have been totally occupied with trying to retrieve their country from a president who sneaked through a change of ministers at midnight – literally. Our very competent Minister of Finace, Mr Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mr Mcebisi Jonas, were removed from their posts because they would not sell the entire country by signing off on the nuclear deal. That would subject not only this generation, but those to come, to unbelievable financial hardship. A puppet of president zuma’s was put in their place, to sign off the deal. We are now in the throws of rolling mass action to have zuma removed.

  10. This is wrong. Why are we going backwards? Just so some loser can make some money? Stand up for the rhinos and protect them now and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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