Tigers Found in Maggot-Infested Cages – Demand Punishment

Target: Volodymyr Topchiy, Director of Mykolaev Zoo

Goal: Punish person responsible for the oversight that led to three tiger cubs being trapped in a maggot-infested shipping box for days on end.

Three tiger cubs destined for a Syrian zoo were recently rescued by Lebanese officials. The tigers were found in a cage too small for them to stand up or move around in, which was left in an airport for nearly a week before being found. During transport from a Ukrainian zoo, the tigers were apparently lost due to a “transport error,” though they were found in an unmarked crate that did not indicate the presence of live animals.

The Siberian tiger cubs were forced to urinate and defecate all over each other during this period, and their crate was infested with maggots when they were found. These maggots were found all over the back thighs and anal areas of the animals as well. The cubs were severely dehydrated and in need of medical care. According to rights group Animals Lebanon, the mixup with the animals’ travel route was ‘unacceptable’ and could have resulted in death.

This treatment of such a rare and important animal is shocking. It seems that the zoo sending the animals failed to make any indication that the shipment contained live animals, possibly in an effort to save shipping costs. Sign the petition below to demand that the person responsible for this oversight is terminated from their job for inflicting such suffering on these cubs.


Dear Mr. Topchiy,

Three tiger cubs were recently rescued from a maggot-infested crate after being left in a Beirut airport for nearly a week. The tigers were crammed into a cage so small that they could barely move, which was then put into an unmarked crate. They were forced to urinate and defecate all over themselves, and were found with maggots living in their thigh and anal regions. The animals were severely dehydrated, and had they not been rescued, could have died.

It is currently suspected that the entire ordeal transpired due to a “transport error.” However, it is unlikely that this would have happened had the crate been properly marked with “live animals.” This oversight was incredibly cruel and potentially deadly. We, the undersigned, demand an investigation into this incident and that the person responsible be fired immediately.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Keven Law

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  1. Denise Devereux says:

    How dare countries take animals from the wild and not have any professional education on how to care for them both nutrionally and medically. What an absolute disgrace! What lazy idiots!
    To the Law Makers in these countries do your job and rectify this immediately. If you are unable to care for them then give them to a zoo that can. Who would want to visit a zoo like this where animals are so exploited. I would leave angry and in tears. Well done to those who have reported them. PEOPLE OF THE WORLD UNITE AGAINST THESE UNCARING MONSTERS!

  2. Anne Stph says:

    This person or persons should not be in charge of a goldfish, let alone these magnificent animals. Shameful excuses for cruelty.

  3. Rosanne Ducharme says:

    Shameful and disgusting act. These people should be fired and those in charge held responsible and also charged. Obviously these people should not be in charge… a total lack of caring and responsibility. I étude to believe they did not know. They simply did not care.

  4. VALERIE J BUCAN says:

    These precious cubs found in such shocking condition AND heading for a damned zoo in war-torn Syria? I can’t process this sh#t anymore.

  5. Colette Bembenek Colette Bembenek says:

    The human race is becoming stupider daily, not to mention cruel, apathetic, brutal, illogical, cowardly, greedy, and a miserable failure.

    What were they freakin’ shipping to Syria for which is presently chaotic
    and war torn?
    Actually; what were they doing shipping anywhere at all?

    Zoo’s should’ve never been created at all and any that remain should
    be obliterated. CAPTIVITY KILLS.

    • I agree with you 100% This world gets more depressing by the day. I love animals so very much and the more things like this horrible act the more I hate humans.I agree why were these poor animals going to a war zone more or less.The whole thing is so sad.


  7. Charlotte J says:

    I hate humans. Sometimes I wish this planet would get hit by a giant meteor and mankind wiped out of existence. We are a failed project.

    • mandy davis says:

      Oh how I agree with you. Humans are the cause of the destruction of this beautiful planet and the magnificent animals that live here. And we are supposed to be intelligent..?? The animals are suffering because of us. They don’t understand. It breaks my heart to hear about the sickening things that humans do to animals and each other on a daily basis.

  8. This is a prime example of rank carelessness. It would not have happened if the crate( more like a shoe box) had been followed on its journey at every point, but no- shove them in a most unsuitable container and forget about it. Heads must roll here, these incompetent clowns must not get away with their mindless actions.

  9. Victoria Lyubavina says:

    The first person who must be punished is the director of Ukrainian zoo which sold tigers to Sirya! I’m sure it is an illegal act done just to gain dirty money inside his pocket. Who can believe there is a zoo in Syria which has enough budget and facilities to buy, feed, care of tigers!!! They were heading to somebody’s private collection for stupid entertainment of ugly people but NOT to the zoo.

  10. kay allan says:


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