Demand Venue Ban Cruel Animal Appearances

Target: Dustin Christensen, Public Facilities District Board President

Goal: Stop the Town Toyota Center from hosting cruel animal shows.

Despite knowing of Jordan World Circus’ questionable reputation, the Town Toyota Center is planning on hosting the circus and its cruel animal acts. Over 600 venues now ban circuses that include animals, and it is time the Town Toyota Center also stop supporting this cruelty.

Jordan World Circus no longer holds a license to show animals due to the countless violations it has made against the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The show currently leases animals from other exhibitors including Brett Carden and Carson & Barnes Circus who also have violations against the AWA. Carson & Barnes Circus has over 100 violations against the AWA and Carden’s trainers have been caught on tape prodding elephants with bullhooks. Animals trapped in captivity face a variety of mental and physical health problems and these problems become even more detrimental when the animals are put through a grueling training process and forced to perform in front of large, loud crowds.

Sign this petition and demand the Town Toyota Center ban animal acts. These animals belong in the wild, not in cages to be carted around for performances.


Dear Mr. Christensen,

The Town Toyota Center plans on hosting Jordan World Circus despite its questionable history in regards to animal welfare. The circus has made so many violations against the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) that it no longer has a license to show animals. It is time to stop supporting this cruelty.

Since Jordan World Circus lost its license to exhibit animals, it currently leases animals from exhibitors Brett Carden and Carson & Barnes Circus, who have also been known to treat their animals poorly. One of Brett Carden’s trainers was taped prodding an elephant with a bullhook while other elephants displayed multiple stress signs. Carson & Barnes Circus has accumulated over 100 AWA violations throughout the years including failure to provide veterinary care when the animals needed it most.

Animals in captivity face a variety and mental and physical health problems and these problems only get worse when the animals are put through a painful training process, carted around in small cages, and forced to perform in front of large, loud crowds. Over 600 other venues have already taken a stand against this cruelty and your support in the fight would mean so much to the imprisoned animals forced out of the life nature intended. Please consider no longer allowing animal acts to perform at your venue.


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Photo credit: chensiyuan

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  1. Do the right thing – look at all the violations – really – can you be that cruel

  2. Denise Baudin says:

    Dustin Christensen, Public Facilities District Board President

    YOU, DUSTIN CHRISTENSEN & YOUR BIG “DECISION MAKERS!!!” KNOW THAT the cruel and bloody Jordan abusive circus is beating up animals, doping them to make them do stupid tricks for DUMB TOURISTS.

    Stop the Town Toyota Center from hosting cruel animal shows.

    IT IS HIGH TIME THAT YOU DUSTY AND CO. STOP SUPPORTING THIS CRUELTY. Respect is earned, not deserved. As long as all of you people are encouraging the abuse of animals in those death holes/circuses, you will not have earned respect from people at large.


  3. This is a bloody sad crule practice . The people who pay these shitbags to watch these show are just as bad . I am from the uk and it is banned and against the law for animals to appear in circuses . The rest of the world needs to catch up and bloody fast . Its disgustingly wicked . And makes me so upset . The vile barbaric bastards .!!!

    • I agree 100%…..I hate circuses, rodeos, zoos and anything that takes animals out of their natural environment. Humans are so disgusting, perhaps the most cruel of any living thing on the face of the earth. One of the reasons I like animals more than most people!

  4. Dix Denis says:

    Old Sparky is what those creeps need.

  5. Tigers are not suppose to be in the circus, the belong in the wild with the rest of the animals!!!! STOP THIS ABUSE

  6. Bev Woodburn says:

    Why does the sadistic and heartless human species always make the innocent and defenceless sentient beings suffer?
    All these atrocities committed by the subhuman filth is purely for GREED.
    Leave the innocent alone you animal torturing psychopathic monsters.

  7. Obviously these assholes have no respect for the law! Dustin Christensen,as the Public Facilities District Board President, show them that YOU ARE IN CHARGE! BAN ALL ANIMAL CIRCUSES!

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