Save Bears and Mountain Lions from Development


Target: President Obama

Goal: Save a special place home to bears, mountain lions, and other wildlife from metropolitan expansion

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  1. Patricia Cotton says:

    Please do not take away the habitat of precious wild life. We can’t affort to continue killing and taking from other species without hurting eventually ourselves.

  2. President Obama, you have the power to direct the Department of Agriculture’s “Wildlife Services” to stop killing millions of wild animals every years to protect ranchers’ profits; you have the power to appoint as head of the Department or Interior someone who will protect wolves and other wildlife, and not allow fracking; and appoint as Director of the Fish and Wildlife Service someone who will protect wolves and pother wildlife.

  3. Save save save save

  4. KatWrangler says:

    Humans have got to stop trying to occupy every corner of this country, and this planet. We have become Death – a pestilence on the Earth.

  5. Protejam os Animais SEMPRE!
    Respeitem ÀS VIDAS ANIMAIS!

  6. anonymous says:

    stop rangers from killing every animal that supposedly has attacked a dog, live stock or human. first i have seen a handful of bears in public areas and i was never bothered by them. i have heard a mountain lion cry when mountain biking and never saw it and no harm came our way. my fear of them has come from the media. no animal kills for the sake of killing. it kills because it feels threatened or it is hungry. it will give you a warning beforehand if you have encroached on its territory. animals are not mentally ill, psychopaths. they are not narcissistic , sadistic, control freaks that create wars, genocides, brutal killings for amusement or discrimination and/ or poverty among wildlife such as humans do to mankind. teach respect towards wildlife and don’t take their food source away and give them the space they need for food. they dont have agriculture or grocery stores!

    i was 5 inches from a rattle snake yesterday. its head was up and i had a dog with me on a leash. it saw me before i saw it. when i did see it it backed away and when i walked back it was still there. i gave it its space, did not kill it or provoke it and it did not attack me. i doubt i will ever see that snake again and i hope it has a long life! leave wildlife alone, respect its boundarys and food source and it will do the same to you!

    i find it amazing that trophy hunting is allowed at all! moreover to kill an animal for the sake of killing it and to mount in on a wall is no better than killing humans for the pure sake of taking a life. that is a control thing. It is against natural law.

    here is a scenario. Land developers, property tax collectors and banks reap the most financial gain from building spreads of homes and eliminating anything that does not bring in a dollar. then the rangers justify killing every animal that attacks a human which was instigated’ by humans in the first place, because the animals are infringing on the money ring. it is the public which looses in the end. the developers buys the land for cheap. sells 35 acre parcels for 10 to 30 times what he paid for it. the tax collector makes money because now it is taxable property. the bank gives a loan to build homes. the buyer defaults on the loan because all he is paying on is the interest. he burns it out of retaliation. this sets off not a 35 acre but a 3000 acre wild fire. the food source for the animals are gone. they come to the city looking for food or to live stock and now they are deameed viscious and they are killed off and eventually extinct. it is the public who looses all the way around. you now don’t have free public land, it is either burned or is gated.

    what an absolute bore this country or world be for that matter when all the wildlife is dead, the forests are burned, and the air is emersed in smog, the horizon is but concrete, shopping malls, monotonous, homogeneous, suberbs, highways, asphalt parking lots and endless laws, tolls and fees to keep the public in control. the only animal one will see outside of a human being is a rat, a fly and a mesquito which are all desease bearing parasites. the only plant you will see is the small flower that broke through a crack in the asphalt parking lot.

    keep blm , national forests and state wildlefe areas free , respect wildlife and their land and it will respect you. stop killing bears and mountain lions.

  7. Gordon MacDonald says:

    A pristine mountain range home to bears, mountain lions, and countless other animals is threatened by rapid urban expansion. Help save this wild place from development and preserve precious wildlife habitat for years to come.

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