Justice For Dog Killed By Cyanide Trap

Target: Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Demand justice for the family who lost their pet dog when a cyanide trap exploded near their house.

A boy and his dog, Casey, were walking near their home in Idaho when they discovered an object sticking out of the ground that resembled a sprinkler. After getting close enough to investigate it and see what it was, the object exploded and orange powder shot out.

The object was actually an M44 — a cyanide trap that is set out by the U.S. government to kill coyotes. When the trap was set off, the boy noticed his dog on the ground with red froth coming from the dog’s mouth, and ran to find his parents for help. By the time they returned, the dog had already died. The family had no idea these devices had been placed so close to their home.

Casey is one of many animals killed by U.S. Department of Agriculture’s program, Wildlife Services, every year. They are placed by the USDA to make room for human industries like raising livestock. Over 3,400 animals were mistakenly killed between 2006 and 2012 by M44s — including dogs, black bears, foxes, raccoons and more. This doesn’t include the number of coyotes that are killed as a result of being the target of these devices.

The USDA’s inaccurately named Wildlife Services should end their usage of these devices and make it their goal to find non-lethal ways of getting their work done. It is the only appropriate way to ensure this doesn’t continue to happen to more animals and that more families don’t have to endure losing their pet this way. Sign the petition below to demand these changes be made.


Dear Sonny Perdue,

The family who just recently lost their dog as a result of an M44 placed near their house deserves an apology from you and those at Wildlife Services. Not only that, but it is time to stop resorting to these devices and to find a non-lethal way of getting work done.

M44s have mistakenly killed thousands of animals, not just this family’s pet. These include black bears, raccoons, foxes and more. This is all in addition to the large numbers of coyotes that are killed as a result of being the primary target for these devices.

Wildlife Services should be aiming to protect these and all animals. Instead, you are allowing both wild animals and family pets to be killed. We encourage and ask you to stop using these devices as soon as possible.


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Photo Credit: Carla Nunziata

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  1. Carolyn Taylor says:

    I demand that Wildlife Murdering Services stop using M44 cyanide traps, now! These traps are indiscriminate killers and must be collected and destroyed, now! This family and so many others deserve much more than an apology! They deserve compensation for losing precious family members. Stop using these M44 traps, Wildlife Murdering Services and then go to hell.

    • Rosie Boyd says:

      Can’t you re-deploy the M44’s around the Whitehouse? Just thinking out loud 😉
      All jokes aside, this was an incredibly awful thing to happen to Casey and his human. Casey would have suffered horribly up to his death and his human will probably have PTSD after the ordeal. What was the Department of Agriculture thinking when they deployed these lethal weapons near a neighbourhood? Outrageous.

      • Vicki Oneill says:

        I’m finding it hard to believe our wildlife services sponsored by the U,S,D,A and BLM are using such horrid means of killing wildkife. Not,only that dogs like poor Casey get killed and die a horrible death.

        Event toddlers can get in those.
        What are they Thinking ?
        They need to stop these cyanide traps immediately immediately

        • Wouldn’t hold my breath regarding Wildlife Services having a change of heart. The name “Wildlife Services” is merely a rebrand. They used to be known as Animal Damage Control, aka “Aid to Dependent Cowboys.” From their inception, their sole purpose was to go on seek-and-destroy missions against “nuisance” animals. Cleveland Amory wrote about them in the ’70s, in his book “Man Kind? Our Incredible War on Wildlife.” The sad thing is, when you read it you can see just how little has changed. Abolishing the agency is probably the only thing that’s going to solve this. And it would save us taxpayers so much money!

      • Government does not care about people, and especially animals. Evil is as evil does, and stupid is as stupid does. Murder is their game. Big Government is their name. We the tax payers, are not part of the Government, as foolish people believe. We are victims of Government. That is the reason evildoers have taken over. There is no justice, and never will be, until the return of Guess Who?

  2. the wildlife and the agricultural department needs to be sued for their reck-
    less negligence.There is no need to kill wildlife in any shape form or fashion.
    They do so because the lobbyist,greedy ranchers, and land owners want
    to control everything. Leave the wildlife alone.Nature takes care of her own
    in its own way. The wildlife and agriculture dept. need to have a conscience.
    Think of the other animals(pets,ect),that can be killed.You should be protect-
    ting animals from humans not abusing them.

  3. You damn killers in the AG dept need to be taught a lesson for your reckless endangerment of not only animals, but children and other adults as well. You assholes better believe that if that was my kid and dog, you would be getting what you deserve. You better go and collect and destroy every one of those damn killing M44’s before some parent shoves them up your ass!!! You don’t like what I’m saying….you would like it a lot less if that was my kid and dog, you bunch of assholes!!!

  4. If I find one of these, I’m going to ram it down your throat! These are dangerous devices that do not discriminate from animal or human.

    • Yes I agree.The bastards who developed and placed these deadly traps in position must pay with their lives!! An eye for an eye and lets see how these scumbags like being on the receiving end!!!!

  5. Tony DeLia says:

    The USDA, FWS, and BLM are engaging in mass murder of animals both wild and domestic for big business. Make no mistake that the Federal government is now just a tool of the biggest, most exploitative and corrupt mega-industries in the country.

  6. Tracy Joseph says:

    Wow…I thought the Americans were supposed to be the good guys!

  7. annie vallet says:

    this is unacceptable

  8. RENEE HOWARD says:

    God is there nothing big business in cahoots with big government won’t do 4 the almighty dollar…nope not one thing

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared ❗️?

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