Applaud Upholding of Ban on Foie Gras

Force Feeding

Target: Chief Justice of the United States, John G. Roberts, Jr.

Goal: Applaud Supreme Court’s decision to uphold ban on foie gras in California

In 2004 California enacted a law that banned foie gras and the legislation has not been popular with many restaurants. The food industry fought against this law, bringing the issue to California courts and when that failed, up to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has refused to hear this appeal, to the delight of animal rights activists in the country. Applaud the court for coming to this decision quickly and protecting animal welfare.

Foie gras means “fatty liver” in French and it is made through force feeding duck and geese with corn. This process enlarges their liver, and it is obviously an ethical issue. Animal welfare activists claim that the operation is cruel and inhumane, as the owners of these birds are purposefully making their animals unhealthy. California law specifically states that all products made by “force feeding a bird for the purpose of enlarging the bird’s liver beyond a normal size” are banned.

This did not stop restaurants and organizations such as Hot’s Restaurant Group, Canada’s Association des Eleveurs de Canards et d’Oies du Quebec, and Hudson Valley Foie Gras from fighting against the legislation. They tried to ascertain that such a law violated constitutional rights of commerce, but the Supreme Court stated that California was within its legal right to support this ban.

Ducks and geese in California will not be subjected to force feedings, and it is due to animal welfare activists and the Supreme Court. Applaud the court for supporting this ban.


Dear Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.,

The Supreme Court recently denied hearing an appeal on a California ban on foie gras. To make this delicacy ducks and geese are force fed corn to enlarge their liver. As you can imagine, this way of eating is not healthy and is extremely unethical. It angers me that bird owners would purposefully make their stock unhealthy for the sake of a delicacy.

I understand that the Supreme Court made the ruling based on the fact that California was not overstepping its boundaries. However, I would like to applaud you for protecting the livelihood of ducks and geese in this state. There are many animals suffering in the livestock industry and it is good to know that one cruel method has been done away with. You have my gratitude and I’m sure the ducks and geese of California appreciate the sentiment as well.


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Photo credit: Jerome S. via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Bina Pannell says:

    can the Supreme Court come to France and ban it here too?! Disgusting practise.

  2. Ajit Varsani says:

    I saw a video of geese being force fed and it was absolutely horrific. Not just the force feeding but the speed in which they force feed the geese is very fast, making it even more painful. People should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Guillaume LAURENCIN says:

    Yes there are another ways to make it without make suffer animals.

  4. I’m sorry if this offends anyone but I’d like to kick that asshole in the photo right in his face and wipe that smirk off it. Only sadistic bastards take these kinds of “jobs”. I only hope I get to see photos of them getting what they deserve from Karma for what they do to these poor geese and other animals. They have souls just like we do! Respect ALL life!

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