End Cruel and Painful Animal Body Modification

Target: Dennis B. Sprung, President of American Kennel Club

Goal: End the cruel practices of tail cropping and ear docking.

The American Kennel Club upholds that for specific breeds, tail docking and ear cropping are acceptable practices despite the risks during and after surgeries. The animals are typically between eight and 12 weeks old when they undergo these unnecessary procedures. Putting a young dog through such a procedure is risky and can be problematic even after the surgery. Once the procedures are finished, many pups may have to deal with ear taping, and those that went through tail docking will face difficulties with social interactions.

Many breeds, such as the Doberman, don’t look like the breed standard set forth by the American Kennel Club. These dogs are forced to undergo surgeries when they are around 10 weeks old. These are elective surgeries that offer no health benefits and merely add stress and pain to the patient. When a dog’s ears are cropped, they then must undergo rigorous ear taping for months to ensure that their ears will stand upright. This causes additional stress and pain for the young pups.

These pups will also experience communication obstacles with other dogs. A dog’s tail is a very important tool when it comes to communication and being social. When a dog’s tail is docked, it can no longer properly convey its mood or intentions. Other dogs can’t rely on a docked tail as a way to gauge what a dog may be like or whether they want to play. This can result in miscommunication and altercations in social settings.

Dogs needn’t go through these operations or potential social problems. The American Kennel Club is forcing dogs to conform to an image that isn’t natural for these breeds. The American Kennel Club standards should reflect how the breeds actually look without any human-imposed modifications. By signing the petition below, you will help urge the American Kennel Club to end this cruel and painful standard and appreciate a dog’s breed for what it really is.


Dear Dennis B. Sprung,

The cruel practices of tail cropping and ear docking are unnecessary standards in the American Kennel Club. The standards put forth by the American Kennel Club are causing pain and suffering to thousands of dogs nationwide.

Once the surgical procedures are performed, puppies that received ear croppings must then have their ears constantly taped till they stand upright unaided. Dogs that undergo tail dockings must deal with communication issues with other dogs due to their inability to properly convey emotions with their tails.

I am urging you to rethink your standards of how these dog breeds should look and instead rely upon their natural beauty. Please take action to end this cruel practice and judge a dog’s appearance based on what they are born looking like.


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Photo Credit: Madwren

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  1. Carolyn Taylor says:

    AKC, you must stop this barbaric and unnecessary dog mutilation, now! What’s wrong with you?!

  2. Helen Golding says:

    No true dog lover could do this.

  3. Leave the dogs as nature intended!

  4. It is wrong and Obsessive/Compulsive to think we must change a dog natural state into something else. Ive always thought these dog-show people were a little over the top.

  5. Anyone involved with the American Kennel Club are animal abusers! Why is it that they feel the need to modify the way a dog looks. Love them for how the look naturally. Anyone who loves these creatures would never put them through such pain and agony. It’s all about the money!!! Everything is about money. Sickening and cruel. Shame on them!

    • Actually, tail docking and ear cropping are expensive procedures. There is more of a profit margin if you don’t do them.

  6. cathy Grossie says:

    These morons are not dog lovers. This ridiculous practice is out dated and must be stopped. So sick of people like this!

  7. all about money -not welfare of dogs

  8. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    In my opinion, AKC is a club for shallow people whose hobby ensures the deaths of so many deserving “mutts” in animal shelters. You people need to raise your level of consciousness in this new world.

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️😠

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