Don’t Allow Hunters to Shoot Bears From Airplanes

Target: Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Goal: Overturn rule that sanctions the killing of hibernating bears and wolves in their dens.

Entire families of wolves could soon be trapped and killed, while bears could be shot from airplanes and killed in their dens due to the recent overturning of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service law that prohibited cruel and unsporting hunting behaviors in Alaska. This new policy is unnecessarily cruel, and wildlife experts condemn the inhumane practices.

Republicans provided the votes for the bill, which passed with a 52 to 47 margin. Though they claimed the measure was a states’ rights issue, most Alaskans opposed the new deregulation, and several Alaskans voiced their concerns during the public comment period. Wildlife protection organizations have worked for years to prohibit practices like these in all states, but they will now be allowed in the state of Alaska.

Wildlife biologists strongly oppose the measure, and not just because of its unnecessary cruelty and inhumanity. Wolves, bears, and other predators play a significant role in their environments, and hunting these animals can lead to unintended environmental consequences, such as overpopulation of prey species. The impact of this new measure could result in environmental devastation in Alaska.

Innocent animals and their cubs should not have to fear being shot and killed in their own homes by human intruders. Please sign this petition to condemn Congress’ decision to prioritize the interests of unethical hunters over ecologically important animals in their natural habitats.


Dear Mr. Speaker,

The recent measure overturning the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service prohibition of unethical hunting practices in Alaska is unnecessarily cruel and environmentally reckless. Though the rule was passed under the guise of states’ rights, Alaskan residents opposed the measure by a 2 to 1 margin. Several Alaskans’ comments in opposition to the bill were ignored.

Not only are these practices inhumane, they are likely to harm the environment. Though predators account for a small portion of Alaskan wildlife, they play a significant role in the ecology of the environment. By killing a few predators, prey populations could boom, affecting every life form in the natural Alaskan environment. Wildlife experts and biologists have largely condemned the decision due to the possibility of unintended ecological consequences.

Dismantling regulations in the name of states’ rights has historically allowed conservatives to disregard the best interests of people and the environment for years and must stop, especially when most citizens are opposed to the measure in question. I urge you to reinstate the regulations that prevented the killing of wildlife in their homes as per the requests of your constituents.


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Photo Credit: Mark Roche

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  1. Kimberly Beebe says:

    Paul Ryan PLEASE TELL ME THE PURPOSE OF THIS LAW? For entertainment REALLY? Please stop the madness. Have some compassion.

  2. The only good hunter is a dead one.Hunt the hunters.An eye for an eye.These bastards make excellent fertilizer!

    • My sentiments exactly. These assholes that voted for this were all Republicans and 1 independent from Maine. I believe they are doing this because they are getting paid by some special interest organization. I have called the two clowns that represent my state about why would they do such a thing. These poor animals don’t deserve this. Congressmen won’t stop until every form of wildlife is exterminated. Vote them ALL out. They are worthless!

  3. Throw those bastatds from.airoplane

  4. Carolyn Taylor says:

    Paul Ryan, this slaughter of defenseless animals in their dens or out of their dens by asinine hunters in aircraft is wrong! So very wrong! You must stop this callous slaughter of magnificent animals, now!

  5. tera tukey says:

    I say THE CREATOR CREATED ALL MANKIND WITH WISDOM…and whomsoever wantonly trapped/killed/shoot from aircrafts these wild animals…will suffer the same…USE YOUR JUDGEMENT ..DO NOT KILL WILD ANIMALS/HYBERNATING/MOTHER AND THEIR BABIES…YOU WILL BE PARALYSED WITH SICKNESS….THE SOULS OF THESE ANIMALS CRY TO THEIR CREATOR TOO…JOB 39 5:6..I have made the wilderness and the barren lands his(wild animals)dwellings.

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