Man Accused of Hurling Dog From Balcony Must be Thoroughly Prosecuted

Target: New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

Goal: Convict man arrested for allegedly murdering an innocent dog.

A New York man was arrested for reportedly throwing his ex-girlfriend’s dog off of a balcony, killing the animal instantly after she fell over 70 feet. According to the police report, Yuk Cheung committed this horrible act during an argument with his ex-girlfriend concerning who would get custody of the dog following their breakup. When asked where the dog was, Cheung coldly responded that she “slipped” before gathering the body and throwing it into a dumpster. He has been charged with animal cruelty and could face up to two years in jail if properly convicted.

This alleged abuser must not walk free. Sign this petition to demand Cheung serve the maximum sentence for this horrific crime if he is found guilty.


Dear Mr. Schneiderman,

Queens resident Yuk Cheung has been arrested for allegedly murdering his ex-girlfriend’s pug by throwing her from a balcony. He then lied about the dog’s whereabouts and the reason for her death before throwing the body in a dumpster; this followed a heated argument concerning who would get custody of the dog following the breakup. Cheung was arrested and charged with animal abuse.

This is an unforgivable crime. The poor dog has become another statistic on an already too-long list of animals killed by abusers since the start of 2017, and her killer must be properly convicted and face his full sentence.

Please ensure that this man does not walk free after what he has done. If he is convicted, please make sure he faces justice and serves the full sentence for his alleged crime.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: DodosD

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  1. Iris & Patty Yermak says:

    This just makes me sick. Why must people pick on an innocent animal in the heat of an argument? Just shows how immature the person is, but unfortunately the animal suffers. Hope the girl friend dumps him forever now.

  2. Patricia Wicker says:

    Sick Evil Man!!!~ PUNISH THIS EVIL BASTARD!!!!!~

  3. Condemn girlfriends’and ex-wives’ pet abuse and murders!!!

  4. There is only one form of justice for this S.O.B. – throw his useless arse off a very tall balcony !!!!!! This guy is obviously a sociopath, and a danger to both animals and humans alike.

  5. First of all this subhuman is not a man. Secondly, it’s a coward. And third, just kill it and put that thing out of our misery. Don’t need anymore garbage in the world!! Got enough!

  6. Rosie Boyd says:

    Pure evil! He’s a danger to everything and everyone around him. Chemical castration would be a good idea to stop this filth from breeding. Lock the sick, vile, murderer up and throw away the key.

  7. Debra Ciolli says:

    Here IS Another Example of what a Member of the SUB SPECIES, Not a Human Being, NOT OF the HUMAN RACE will CONTINUE TO DO to Not Only Animals, also to ANY Human, Child, or ANY BEING Who CANNOT DEFEND, PROTECT OR SPEAK UP & “TELL” For THEMSELVES..they NEED to be Permanently REMOVED From OUR SOCIETY, OUR TRUE..HUMAN RACE..or they WILL Commit More CRIMES, & they WILL NOT STOP..They are NOT HUMANS, they ARE..SUB SPECIES Always Mistaken for a HUMAN, but Completely VOID OF A HEART< SOUL, BRAIN, COMPASSION OR CONSCIENCE, THEY ARE..ALL ALSO COWARDS..EVERY ONE..They'll Always PREY ON THOSE UNABLE to PROTECT & DEFEND THEMSELVES..& AGAIN< they'll ALWAYS be those who CANNOT SCREAM FOR HELP OR TELL ANY About the CRUELTY & ABUSE that's been Committed Against them..WE Eliminate, Exterminate these from Among OUR SOCIETY, or they Will CONTINUE TO CAUSE MORE PAIN & SUFFERING…these POS MEMBERS OF THE "SUB SPECIES" Not OF THE HUMAN RACE OR SOCIETY…Cannot be REHABILITATED, they HAVE NO CONSCIENCE NO HEART & NO SOUL..They are Just EMPTY & WILL ALWAYS BE For ANYTHING For Themselves & THEIR OWN SELFISH Wants & NEEDS, Caring About NOTHING OR ANY THING OR ONE..Other than THEMSELVES..PERIOD. Yes, PURE EVIL, & I See & Read about these EVERY SINGLE DAY & NIGHT, IF I thought seeing or reading about another & Signing & Commenting on ONE AFTER ANOTHER would NOT EVER HELP, I would Not bother..But some People have to WAKE UP & realize IF WE DON'T STOP THEM, THEY WILL NEVER STOP..They Haven't Since TIME ITSELF BEGAN..Until WE END THEM, THIS & THE CRIMES THEY'LL CONTINUE TO COMMIT NEVER WILL STOP EITHER..Time is way PAST DUE For them to BE those..EXTERMINATED & the ONE SPECIES that REALLY NEEDS TO BE ..EXTINCT. All POS MEMBERS OF THIS "SUB SPECIES" WILL CONTINUE, as they always HAVE..At least START by Removing ONE, & THEN, ANOHER & ANOTHER..Something HAS TO CHANGE. Stronger LAWS NEED to be WRITTEN & PASSED, & THEN, they NEED TO BE..ENFORCED. This Goes on a REGULAR Disgusting basis in EVERY STATE, EVERY COUNTY, EVERY COUNTRY..for that MATTER..EVERY DAY & NIGHT. God when will it ever END? WHEN WILL THE TRUE INNOCENTS Ever BE Protected? SAVED? WHEN?

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hope the bastard rots in hell❗?
    Signed & shared ?

  9. renate botzler says:

    Nature treats back now
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Take responsibility for your Being on Earth
    Live your hell now
    Higher Justice works now

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