COUNTER PETITION: Stop Torturing Rodeo Animals for Entertainment

Target: Susan Montgomery,

The sport of rodeo. Where man and beast come together and compete. Rodeo livestock are the key to engaging comuninties and large groups of people about agriculture, ranching and the sport of rodeo. These animals are treated like gold. They are athleates themselves and thus are on the best rations, and given the best care. They are the bread and butter to the stock contractors and rodeo contestants. If something happens to one of them its like the loss of a kin, because they live to care for these extreamly talented animals. It is in the best interest for all contractors and contestants to make sure these animals are well taken care of and are up held to the highest standards.

The petition that Susan Montgomery and others lay forward is completely absurd. I challenge her and any other who follow her or have any other concern of how these animals are treated to attend behind the scenes of a rodeo or ASK to attend a stock contractors ranch. See for yourself on just how these animals are treated like gold. For example the Calgary Stampede Ranch is world renowned for care of its livestock. Let them show you that the flank on a horse or a bull isnt there to irritate them, but to tell them that its game time and its time perform. That when roping a calf as quickly as possible is the best thing and the one of only things you can do when doctoring a calf in the pasture. Let the contestants show you how they switch their rope on the calf based on which way they want it to turn for the safest possible way to flank and tie it up. The timed event horse are very smart and the sheer instinct they have on wanting to work cattle is no different that birds knowing when to fly south. They want to work, they want to do their job and do it well, these same standards of care apply to the contestants bring their horses. They are truely family. Why on earth would they try and hurt them.

These animals are truely incredible. They perform at the highest level and are treated with the highest level of care and handling. I close this with the request for Susan to take down her petition and get behind the scenes and see how these animals are taken care of. Instead of making assumptions. Her and others are offensive to all rodeo enthusists and livestock producers. The ones who truely live and devote their who life and generations to caring for these animals. We chanllange you to see how these animals are taken care of, not how you assume they are taken care of.

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