Stop Cruel Rabbit Farm From Opening

Target: Councilor Kenneth S. Williamson, Stafford Borough Council, England

Goal: Save rabbits from lives in cramped, overcrowded cages in proposed new factory farm.

A Romanian-based food market company, POE Limited, has launched an appeal with Staffordshire officials in England to grant them permission to build a large-scale rabbit farm in the small town of Gnosall. The farm would involve raising rabbits primarily for their meat, but would also sell “by-products” such as skins.

Any rabbits the farm would raise would almost certainly be subjected to a life of neglect and cruelty. Rabbits are the fourth most farmed animal worldwide, and they suffer greatly when kept on factory farms. They are typically crammed into tiny cages in groups without enough room to so much as stretch, let alone turn or hop around. Throughout Europe, animal welfare groups have conducted undercover investigations which have revealed some of these horrible conditions, showing rabbits that are starved, overbred or allowed to injure and maim each other without treatment or intervention.

Disturbingly, POE Limited has failed to address any concerns regarding animal welfare, or the potential environmental impacts that their farm could have. Their initial proposal was denied on the grounds that the food company did not take into account the water, air, and noise pollution that their farm could generate, or the increased risk of disease due to the overcrowding of rabbits. The company’s appeal should similarly be turned down. There is no need for a factory rabbit farm for meat and skins in Staffordshire or elsewhere. Sign this petition to demand that the Stafford Borough Council makes certain that this farm will never be built or operated.


Dear Councilor Williamson,

A recent appeal made by a food company to construct a rabbit farm in Gnosall is an appeal to allow cruelty and rampant disease to take place within this town. Rabbits are the fourth most farmed animal in the world and most of these animals spend their entire lives enduring great suffering in overcrowded cages. The farm proposed by POE Limited promises to be no better. Should this farm be built, it will almost certainly subject rabbits to a miserable life spent in cages where they cannot stretch or turn about. Female rabbits will be overbred, and when stressed, these animals may bite and injure one another.

These rabbits will also likely suffer from communicable diseases due to the crowded conditions. As a result of this overcrowding, rabbit farms tend to use many times more antibiotics than poultry farms. The disease and pollution this farm could generate must be considered, and so far POE Limited has not proposed a plan for handling either.

Britain can make do without unnecessary rabbit meat and skins on the market. I urge you to ensure that the appeal to construct this farm is denied on the grounds of this cruelty and the harmful impact it would likely have on the local environment.


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  1. Jaime Perez says:

    This horrible place should never be allowed to open. These rabbits will only suffer terribly.

  2. this kind of farm doesn’t need to exist. There is no EXCUSE for these rabbits
    to be raised for food or fur. This should be against the law. There needs to
    be strict animal abuse laws,and they need to be reinforced. Why some people get a thrill out of torturing and killing animals is beyond any sane
    persons thinking. This is barbaric.

  3. I would prefer legislation with regard to accommodations for the animals rather than completely banning people from raising them. I am not a vegetarian but I want animals to be treated properly. Surely there is a way to keep rabbits humanely.

  4. Stafford Borough council refused the application.

  5. Stafford Borough council refused the application. Petitioning them will have no effect as it went to appeal at the planning inspectorate.

  6. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗?

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