Denounce Killing of Ebola Patient’s Dog

Sick Dog in Bed

Target: Spanish Minister of Health Ana Mato Adrover

Goal: Denounce the government of Spain for killing the dog of an ebola patient

Despite a massive campaign to save him, a dog belonging to a Spanish nurse infected with ebola was put down amid fears that the beloved pet could have transmitted the illness to others. The dog, named Excalibur, could have been quarantined in the same manner than exposed humans are, but the government of Spain refused to consider anything but euthanasia.

Javier Limon Romero, one of Excalibur’s owners, publicly denounced the head of the Madrid health department for the decision to execute his best friend while he and nurse Teresa Romero Ramos were stuck in quarantine. The news of the plan to kill Excalibur found its way to Twitter, and thousands of people worldwide took up the call to save the dog from being euthanized with the hashtag #SalvemosaExcalibur. Despite social networking efforts and petitions asking the government to quarantine Excalibur, health officials still had him put down.

Ebola is a dangerous illness, and killing the pets of those who contract it will only make people who develop symptoms of ebola want to conceal their health issues. If the government is going to kill your dog for coming forward to be placed in quarantine, who would want to? Murdering innocent animals is not the answer to stopping the spread of this virus, and doing so could encourage civilian animal cruelty. By signing this petition, you’ll let Spain know that you condemn its actions and urge government officials to reconsider their protocol for dealing with the pets of ebola patients.


Dear Minister Adrover,

I understand that, after worldwide protest and petitioning, you had Javier and Teresa’s dog Excalibur put down because you feared that he might spread ebola to other people. This decision was made in spite of the suggestion that Excalibur simply be put into quarantine where he would not come into contact with any humans until it could be determined that he was not carrying the virus.

Ebola is a dangerous illness and must be approached with the utmost care and seriousness. However, killing innocent animals because you fear they may spread it will not improve your situation. You must understand that people love their pets, and may choose to hide their symptoms and refuse to seek treatment rather than risk having their best friends euthanized by the government. This would both cause more deaths and further spreading of the deadly illness. At the same time, if you put forth the idea that killing dogs is a good way to prevent the spread of ebola, this could encourage people to target random dogs and kill them out of fear.

Killing Excalibur was not only unnecessarily cruel for both the dog and his already suffering owners, it was a poor decision in terms of how it will affect the likelihood that other symptomatic individuals will come forward to be quarantined—something that is essential for containing the virus. I urge you to reconsider this line of action and commit to quarantining the dogs of patients in the future rather than putting them to death.


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Photo credit: Eric via Flickr

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  1. They better hope that the next person who comes down with Ebola does not decide to stroll into the Spanish government offices to infect everyone in retribution for Excalibur.

  2. Mary Woerner says:

    We failed you Excalibur, May u be at PEACE and run in Paradise!

  3. Those who have no sympathy and brains did not have a heart to save this innocent Excalibur. Where ever you may be sweet pup, you should be well & happy. Stay away from the evil subhumans.

  4. Myrna Lipman says:

    Government of Spain-What a shameful, lack of commonsense and totally non-compassionate thing you did to kill Excalibur. There would have been no harm or trouble to monitor this dog until it was determined he was not a carrier of Ebola but instead you took the expedient route and killed him. By doing so you killed an innocent animal and inflicted more suffering on his human guardians. I hope you have learned your lesson and should this issue arise again you will make an intelligent decision.

  5. The funniest thing is that they don’t kill people with Ebola. People contaminated “also” represent a threat to those around them. There’s no evidence that dogs and cats represent a threat to people in terms of Ebola. Plus, people may start to hide they’re sick because they can lose their pets if they say so. My animals mean everything to me and I can’t imagine losing them. I don’t think wishing someone the worst is great, but I do wish all of those envolved with Excalibur’s death is infected with Ebola.

  6. La première maladie de l être humain est l indifférence.

  7. Ravinder singh says:

    Spanish are without brains. Backward and uneducated people.

  8. I believe there is no proof that dogs can acquire or pass on Ebola……there are dogs in Africa, obviously, who remained Ebola free despite the recent epidemic there…

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