Stop Allowing Animal Abusers to Own Pets

Target: Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland

Goal: Don’t allow people who were convicted of animal cruelty charges to own animals.

A dog was allegedly neglected so badly by its owners that it ate its own tail. Yet, the couple accused of committing this disgusting act of animal cruelty will be allowed to own animals again in five years. The law needs to change so that people who are found guilty of animal abuse are no longer allowed to own pets in order to better ensure that other animals will not needlessly suffer.

The Staffordshire bull terrier was reportedly in so much pain that it had to be put down. Considering that the dog was apparently abused to death, allowing the responsible parties to own animals in the future is completely inexcusable. If this continues to be the case, more and more animals will suffer and die while in the care of callous owners.

People who abuse animals don’t deserve to own pets. Sign this petition to let government officials know that anyone who neglects or abuses their animals should not be allowed to own and abuse more pets after a certain time period has ended and that they should further be given lengthy prison sentences for committing such pathetic and heartless acts.


Dear First Minister Sturgeon,

Angela Todd and Martin Randall allegedly neglected their dog for so long that it ate its own tail. Unfortunately, they were only banned from owning animals for the next five years and given 200 hours of community service. Considering that the dog was reportedly so hurt it had to be put to sleep, allowing the accused parties to get off with such a light sentence is unconscionable. Furthermore, the fact that these people will actually be allowed to own animals again in five years is appalling.

Studies have shown that people who abuse animals oftentimes continue to display abusive behavior toward other animals and people. Because this is the case, people who commit such crimes should be completely banned from ever owning animals again. They should also have to spend a good amount of time in prison for committing such unwarranted and hateful crimes against helpless beings.

Animals deserve better than to be placed in the homes of people who have previously shown that they were not capable of taking care of them in the first place. For these reasons, we demand that you do everything possible to ensure that people who have been found guilty of abusing or neglecting animals not be legally allowed to ever own pets again.


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Photo Credit: Gemma Longman

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  1. Cynthia Pisarcik says:

    What is wrong with our laws where innocent animals can be abused and then after a few years they can own more animals?

    please do something now to save these abused innocent animals.

  2. TRACY JOSEPH says:

    This is a no brainer!!!! How many brain cells do these morons possess????

  3. tera tukey says:

    Animal abusers will continue to abuse animals because they lack self esteem and it’s how they get power/control…hope they never live to own another dog/cat.

  4. Rosie Boyd Rosie Boyd says:

    Nicola Sturgeon’s only concern is making Scotland independent of the rest of the UK, following the Brexit vote. She couldn’t give a flying fig about anything else, least of all about animal welfare. It’s just not on her selfish agenda. The woman hasn’t got a clue what goes on right under her nose and doesn’t care about anything except her own agenda.

  5. Sylvia Kemp says:

    Mrs Sturgeon. Sort this out. Make this a priority. I thought this was America never a Scot. Disgraceful.

  6. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    There is no cure for this type of personality disorder. They may say they will change, but they are incapable of it.

  7. Mary Rollis says:

    I bawl my eyes out whenever I read these hideous petitions. NOT because someone submitted a petition but because there are sub-human scum allowed to roam free and wreak their tiny mind/other parts’ hangups upon the helpless, hopeless and TOTALLY INNOCENT animals.

    I think calling animal abusers “animals”elevates their stature to an undeserved level. In my ideal world, barring NO abuse, these Satan spawned creatures would receive the exact punishment they dished out. It would be justice.

  8. Sonja Talboys says:

    There should be a register for animal abuses the same as peodo’s. Nicola Sturgeon would get on well with Donald Trump both single minded and selfish and don’t give toss about animal welfare.

  9. I just don’t get it. How the hell can any judge allow any person the right to own another animals after what was done to this dog and thousands of other animals. …no it should not be allowed to happen. If it happened once why do they think it isn’t going to happen again. .. seriously! ! Give your head a shake!

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