Stop Allowing Dogs to be Chained Outside For Extended Periods

Target: Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Goal: Support legislation banning pet owners from using potentially harmful chains to tether their dogs.

Pet owners could soon be banned from chaining their dogs up outside thanks to proposed new legislation in Texas. The bill would ban chains as well as mandate that dog owners who leave their animals outside provide a proper shelter that would protect their animals from the wind, snow, and the rain. These shelters would need to be large enough to allow the dogs to stand upright and lay down in.

Animal welfare worker Bruce Edmaiston says that chains can cause serious damage to dogs and it’s high time they should be outlawed. Chains can cause cuts and lesions around animal’s necks. In severe cases where growing dogs are chained for extended periods, the chains sometimes need to be cut off with bolt cutters.

The proposed new law would also mandate properly fitting collars for all dogs. This would hopefully stop animals from being harmed by too-small collars that can cut into their skin. Those found in noncompliance would be charged with a misdemeanor.

This new, comprehensive legislation could help thousands of dogs across the state of Texas. No longer would dogs be forced to spend much of their lives chained outside, forced to brave the elements without any shelter. Sign below to show your support for this new bill.


Dear Governor Abbott,

A new bill proposed in Texas would ban pet owners from chaining their dogs up outside. Chains can cause serious harm to an animal, from cuts and lesions to becoming embedded in the necks and body parts of young animals. The bill would also mandate that dogs that are kept outside be given shelters to protect them from the rain and the snow. Finally, the bill also hopes to ensure properly fitting collars for all dogs.

This legislation would protect thousands of animals every year from being hurt by chains and too-tight collars. It would also ensure that all dogs are given proper houses and not left outside to brave extreme weather without any form of shelter. We, the undersigned, urge you to show your support for this new legislation and do everything in your power to ensure that is passes.


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Photo credit: Earving Corona

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Dogs should NOT be tethered outside PERIOD. If necessary, it should be for only two or three hours at a time, and NO CHAINS! Dogs are very social animals and should live INDOORS with their owner; NEVER OUTSIDE alone! They are family members and should be treated as same! If you have to/want to leave your dog outside 24/7, DON’T HAVE A DOG!

    • MANY people do not have fenced in backyards…..tethering out a dog for a limited period of time, with water and shade available, SHOULD NOT be a crime…..

      I cannot sign this stupid petition which assumes everyone is middle class or above!

    • I agree. Dogs are very social animals and love to be with their owners. Many years ago, we had three dogs. A Standard Poodle, mixed Beagle/Terrier, and a Schnauzer we had acquired from my brother. We had a fenced in yard, and lots of room for them to run around. So during the day, they would go out in the yard, and get some fresh air, then later in the day, they would come in and take a nap. They were Never Permanently outside. They would go in and out when they wanted to. They were really good dogs. So I believe in allowing dogs to come indoors when they want. The only dogs I have seen that weren’t indoors were those working sled dogs like Huskies I see on TV where they are in dog houses and chained up to their houses. They stay outside all the time. And they are used to being in Very cold weather. They were bred for that temperature, and pull sleds for a living. But these domestic dogs, like Labradors, Boxers, Poodles, etc. They don’t like severe cold weather. They like being indoors where it’s warm. If you can’t afford to have any kind of shelter for your dog, large or small, then Don’t Get A Dog! It’s just not fair to the dog to be outside 24/7. Some people claim that their dog “Loves To Be Outside, and won’t come indoors.” I think they just don’t want the dog inside, and/or someone in the house is allergic to the dog. But for some reason they won’t allow the dog to come inside. That’s a Bunch of Bunk! Dogs need to be socialized, and do better when they are around their owners. They don’t like being isolated, and left outdoors all the time. People who just put their dogs outdoors 24/7 really make me sick! They should either be arrested or fined $2,000! How would They like to be outside 24/7 in Every Kind of Weather imaginable. They would think they were being abused.

  2. Well done. Support cruel chain torture.

    • MANY people do not have fenced in backyards…..tethering out a dog for a limited period of time, with water and shade available, SHOULD NOT be a crime…..
      I cannot sign this stupid petition which assumes everyone is middle class or above!

      • The crime is HOW they tether their dogs. People should Not use chains. If they can afford it, they could use those electric fences where the dog wears a specialized collar, and is only allowed to go within a certain area of the yard. Those usually work well providing that the dog will respond to the sensation that the collar gives if the dog tries to go beyond that boundary. I had a cousin where she and her husband bought this dog, and tried to use an electric collar on him, and he ended up going beyond the boundary, and going through it. That was amazing. Guess he was immune to the shock. But most dogs know just how far they can go, which is good. If you can’t afford the electric fences and collars, then you can buy these prefab fences sold at farm stores or hardware stores. That will keep you dog confined to a certain area. Just make sure the dog has a dog house, and plenty of water to drink. Dogs definitely need shelter, in case of bad weather. In which case you need to bring your dog indoors. It’s just good practice to let your dog come indoors. We’ve always had indoor dogs, and our house was always clean. 😉 In My opinion, I think animals are much cleaner than people. You don’t see animals throwing trash on the ground and polluting the water or air. People do that!

      • Rachael Markson says:

        Then why are you even on this site? Your comments make no sense. We’re not talking about SUPERVISED pets being outside with their owners for short periods of time, it’s about abuse and neglect. Try reading the petition again.

  3. tera tukey says:

    At least now he poor dogs have a voice…their sad and lonely days are ending for some…dogs needs to be outside for a while…but the are loving animals like kids, and wants to be with their owners inside and socialize.

  4. ban all cruel chaining of great dogs now.

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