Bomb Detector Puppy Killed for Escaping Handlers – Demand Justice

Target: Richard Chambers, Auckland Police District Commander and Superintendent

Goal: Reprimand officers who shot and killed an innocent bomb detector dog.

A 10-month-old bomb detector puppy, named Grizz, was shot to death by police while training to be an Aviation Security Explosion Detector. Grizz, who was was only six months away from graduating, escaped from his handlers and that’s when the Airport’s Emergency Operations Center team decided to have the bearded collie “destroyed.”

The poor dog was killed an hour after the airport had posted to Twitter that they captured him. It seems the decision to “destroy” the innocent, harmless puppy was unnecessary, especially when police could’ve attempted to use less fatal methods of capturing Grizz. As the Ambassador of SAFE for Animals, Hans Kriek, asked, “why wasn’t a tranquilizer used instead?”

This innocent puppy’s life was devoted to helping people and saving lives, yet his life was carelessly taken by the same people he was training to protect. His death is nothing short of a tragedy that deserves justice. Please add your signature to the petition below to help ensure that Grizz gets the justice he deserves, and the officers who killed him be harshly reprimanded.


Dear Mr. Chambers,

An innocent dog was training to be an Aviation Security Explosion Detector when police shot and killed him. This poor dog was killed for no other reason than having ran off from his handlers. The police killed him an hour after the airport stated they had him captured on Twitter.

This senseless tragedy could’ve been averted if police had bothered to attempt to capture the dog using non-lethal methods first, but they didn’t. We demand that the officers involved be harshly reprimanded for killing the innocent animal who did nothing to deserve it.


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  1. Joanne Connarty says:

    Why are degenerates like that allowed to be in the police force,they
    Are not fit to serve the public and should be charged with murder, because that’s what it is.
    Poor wee darling, loyal to them who weren’t so loyal to him.
    Why is there so many sick and depraved individuals about?

  2. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗😢

  3. I listened to the news reports of this incidence and for the life of me I still cannot understand how a 10 month old puppy can be a threat to a great big plane !!!
    That this held the planes up because of the danger ??? Come on – it was a 10 month old puppy.

  4. Lisa Puchta says:

    This was a murder, how senseless this was

  5. Daniela Bress says:

    We don’t deserve to be supported by precious living beings as long as we refuse to pay them back with unconditional love and care!

    Our human society is NOT worth the death of just one single animal’s soul – a being which exists by exploitation of nature instead of living WITH nature is comparable with cancer cells that also destroy their own host.

    Our community is degenerating into a bunch of cancerlike worthless human molecules.


  7. Annette Johnson says:

    This story is so disgusting! Why was this poor puppy shot an HOUR AFTER BEING REPORTED AS CAUGHT??? Why was he SHOT, PERIOD? Not only is this a cruel act by those training him….but I know it costs a lot of money to train them. He was a PUPPY, for heaven’s sake….puppies will be puppies, even with the best of training! If you have no understanding of that….nor empathy for an innocent animal’s life….then you have NO BUSINESS IN THIS LINE OF WORK. FIND ANOTHER JOB. LOW LIFE PIECE OF FILTH. This was an animal bring trained to HELP PEOPLE….YET, SADLY BETRAYED BY THEM. HOW SICK IS THIS???

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