Stop the Slaughter of Africa’s Last Rhinos

Target: Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa

Goal: Don’t allow the domestic trade and exports of rhino horn.

South Africa’s government is moving forward with plans that would legalize the trade of rhino horn within the country, allowing farmers who raise rhinoceroses to sell their horns and permitting foreigners to export small numbers of horns. While the horns are intended to only come from semi-domesticated rhinos, and not from their poached wild kin, critics fear that there will be limited oversight and that the system will likely be exploited due to corruption.

Rhino horn is worth more than its weight in gold or cocaine on the black market, due to a large demand in countries where traditional Asian medicine is still practiced. Powdered white rhino horn is said to cure cancer, relieve fevers, and help improve male virility. None of this is scientifically backed up, and the horns are made entirely out of keratin, the same material as human fingernails. Even though the new proposed law states that only two horns can be exported at a time “for personal use,” there will be no way to ensure that the horns do not make it into the commercial market.

The remaining rhinoceros species are all endangered, largely thanks to the rhino horn trade. South Africa is home to 80 percent of the world’s remaining rhinoceroses, with about 20,000 surviving white rhinos living in the country. Each year, poachers slaughter thousands of the massive creatures, but there has been a slow decrease in the amount of poaching in recent years.

Save The Rhino, a conservation group dedicated to protecting the remaining wild rhinoceroses, has decried the new legislation and has said it is “financially motivated.” The law’s main backers are a small handful of rhino farmers who have stockpiled thousands of horns over many years and are hoping to finally cash in. They are the only ones who stand to benefit should this law be enacted. While farmed rhinos can be sedated and have their horns removed (which will eventually grow back), this process causes them a great deal of stress. Legalizing the trade would not help the thousands of rhinos currently living their lives trapped in captivity to serve the frivolous trade for their horns.

South Africa should not send a message that rhino horn is for sale, and must do more to protect the lives of wild rhinos and the welfare of those in captivity. Sign this petition to demand that the trade ban remain in effect.


Dear President Jacob Zuma,

As you are aware, rhinoceroses have been poached at an alarming rate for their horns. Conservationists predict that the white rhinoceroses could be extinct within 20 years if measures are not taken to ensure their protection. Proposed legislation that would lift the trade ban on rhino horns sends a worrying message that South Africa sanctions such trade, and encourages poachers who would likely exploit the regulations that would be put in place. Although the horns are intended to come solely from farmed rhinoceroses and be for “personal use” only, we are concerned that there will not be sufficient oversight, and that it will be impossible to track whether or not horns eventually make it into the commercial trade.

This law does not help rhinoceroses, either in the wild or on farms. Rhinos belong in their natural habitat, without fear of poaching or harm. We must protect these creatures against human greed and superstition. I urge you not to enact this legislation and to send a message that rhino horns are not for sale.


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Photo Credit: Karl Stromayer

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  1. AliceBrown says:

    How fucking stupid people are! Many plant substances effectively stop or even cure cancer, like curcumin, inositol hexaphosphate and modified citrus pectin, just read on it online. No need to kill animals!

  2. RENA VAN STEELE says:

    What the —– are they thinking??? I have traveled great and desperate Africa and am disgusted at their treatment of animals. They have no idea.!!! DON’T CARE IN ANY WAY… about animals. They just don’t get it!!! However, you would thing the leader’s in Africa have a small semblance of some kind of brain. But when it comes to lining the corrupt leaders pockets with their far away accounts (while they starve their own people), they will sell ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TO FILL THEIR ABSOLUTE NEED FOR GREED AND CORRUPTION. This is terrible news and must be stopped immediately. They are so very very ignorant and destructive in their own right. THIS IS TERRIBLE NEWS THAT A LEADER OF ANY COUNTRY IN AFRICA WOULD EVEN CONSIDER IT!!! THE CHINESE ARE SALAVITATING,… WAITING ON THEIR IGNORANCE SO THEY CAN FINALLY GET AN ERECTION THEY ALWAYS WANTED. PERHAPS THE STRENGTH OF A RHINO?????? PERHAPS A TRINKET AND THE CHINESE GOAL IS TO IRRADICATE THE WORLD OF IT’S WONDERFUL AND AMAZING SPECIES. THE CHINESE ARE WINNING (IN TOO MANY WAYS TO COUNT).
    AND GRINNIN….. AND THE AFRICANS WILL STARVE. IT IS A PATHETIC CYCLE OF GREED AND IGNORANCE,….AT ANY COST, AND VERY MUCH IN THIS MOMENT,..NOT THINKING OF POSSIBLE TOMORROW??!? HEY,….WHY THE —–is it ok to breed captive rhino,(more filthy greed and corruption, do some research and you will see) or any other animal to cage them, then slaughter them,..OUR WORLD IS ——UP IN A BIG WAY AND THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!

  3. RENA VAN STEELE says:

    Correction: CHINESE GOAL IS TO IRRADICATE THE WORLD OF…………………..ALL OUR………………….. (NOT IT’S) wonderful and amazing animal species. Let me make myself very clear here. There are no boundaries (legal or not) AND DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ANYTHING BUT THEMSELVES when it comes to China AND WIPING OUT MANY MANY SPECIES ON THIS EARTH. NO BOUNDRIES, NO LIMITS, NO CRUELTY ANIMALS LAWS, NO TORTURE LAWS, NOTHING. (YUMMY, LETS TORTURE DOGS (the more they torture, and the more they suffer,…….THE BETTER IT IS) YUMM YUMM. Let’s say, throwing them in large vats of boiling water alive, lets give a little hanging up and blasting them with a massive blow torch, and how about a little skinning alive and on and on and on,…sick and disgusting people) Yumm umm

    • Most species being currently driven to extinction by the Chinese are being desired for their use in Chinese folk medicine…….that includes tigers, bears, sharks, rhinos, elephants, and many others.


  4. TRACY JOSEPH says:

    The problem here is that the South African Government is extremely corrupt and is possibly the ones organising the killings of rhino. I bet you this petition won’t even make it to Jacob Zuma’s desk and even if it does he couldn’t care two shits about animals. He once commented that only white people walk their dogs! And his traditional dress is the shin of a wild cat. He is Zulu and PETA has a petition out against a traditional way of killing cows in that culture. So believe me when I tell you that the Rhino is going to go extinct because all our Government sees are dollar signs not living breathing sentient beings.

  5. Carolyn Taylor says:

    Terrible News For the magnificent rhino! You Chinese people are sick and stupid! Farming rhinos! No living creature should be treated in such a mean and callous manner! Leave them be! You can have my hair. It’s just as medicinal as rhino horn. Greedy sick assholes!

  6. Donna McMillen says:

    We have so few left. Please don’t do this! For the love of our future generations and this magnificent animal.

  7. I bet they want the horns to stick them up their butts, they probably enjoy that.

  8. Melanie Spell says:

    Stop this ignorance!!! Use your own body parts and leave the rhinos and other animals alone!!! The animals were NOT created for your own sadistic purposes!!!

  9. zuma is an arsehole who is only interested in money, and still allowing this to go on is disgusting, there is hardly any rhino left, and the chinese are even bigger assholes than zuma. animals are not here just solely for dickheads who think they can do what they want, hope karma comes knocking soon,.

  10. Bev Woodburn says:

    The South Africa’s government is an absolute disgrace and all
    these animal torturing money hungry monsters are thinking of is the blood money in their vile and evil pockets and pure GREED.

    Don’t allow the domestic trade and exports of rhino horn.

    Hasn’t the South African Government monsters caused enough eradication of the precious Wildlife just for there blood money and there pure GREED?

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