Save Giraffes From Impending Extinction

Target: Dr. Peter Howard of African Heritage Site

Goal: Protect the endangered West African Giraffe from poachers and human conflict.

The West African Giraffe faces extinction while its population remains unprotected in a transitional zone of the Parc W-Niger area. These giants once roamed from Senegal to Cameroon but, due to poaching and human conflict, they are now only found in a small area of Niger approximately 60km from the capital. This park location is known as a transitional zone, which means it has no formal protection like the rest of the park and leaves the giraffes unprotected from poachers and human expansion.

There are an estimated 400 West African Giraffes remaining in the wild, and they have been on the IUNC Red list since 2008. Habitat encroachment and poaching are two of the threats facing the giraffe population. Habitat conflict is occurring due to the dwindling number of trees which both humans and giraffes heavily rely upon. While there are conservation groups doing their best to protect the remaining giraffe populations, there can be no real progress while the giraffes remain in an unprotected zone.

The Parc W-Niger location is one of the natural sites in the African World Heritage Site organization which seeks to protect Africa’s natural and cultural heritage. Giraffes are a natural treasure of Africa and should be protected in their dwindling habitat. Without formal protection in this area of Niger, the West African Giraffe will become extinct.

By signing the petition below, you will be helping the West African Giraffe avoid extinction by urging Dr. Peter Howard of the African Heritage Site to give these gentle giraffes the protection they need.


Dear Dr. Peter Howard,

The lack of formal protection for the West African Giraffe in the Parc W-Niger area must be remedied. The West African Giraffe has been facing dwindling populations and has been red listed since 2008 due to poaching and conflict with humans. These herds have lost much of their natural habitat which used to range from Senegal to Cameroon. Parc W-Niger may be their last available habitat before they are forced into extinction. The West African Giraffe is a gentle giant and the tallest land animal; it would be a huge tragedy to lose such an iconic mammal of Africa, especially in one of Africa’s natural sites.

I urge you to provide the West African Giraffe population of Parc W-Niger with the formal protection they are provided within the other areas of the park. Please ensure that these symbolic creatures are protected from extinction and preserve their populations within the heritage sites you protect.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Focx Photography

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  1. lisa holmes says:

    Danish zoos have been killing perfectly healthy giraffes as well, for nonsensical reasons, and that is another practice that needs to be replaced with measures to preserve these animals. In fact, other zoos may be following their example. Please cover all bases in fighting for our world’s beautiful giraffes.


      Dear Lisa, I agree with you 110% and it is outrageous how all animals are treated even in the civilized world. We must be always vigilante of all wrong doing and fight to stop it. It is not only a right but a duty as citizens of humanity to make the world a better place for all.

  2. Carolyn Taylor says:

    These unique and magnificent animals must be protected, now!

  3. Donna McMillen says:

    Please save these animals. This is inhumane.

  4. tera tukey says:

    Protect these GIRAFFES…they are citizens of this earth…all you countries that do inhumane things to any animals…all kinds of calamities fall upon your country/people…could be famine/drought/ earthquakes/tsunamis/mud slides ect…the universe does answer back to all cruelties against it’s animals/trees/lands..

  5. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    I love giraffes❗?
    Leave them alone❗?
    Signed & shared ?

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