Demand Government Stop Funding Cruel Animal Experiments

Target: Francis S. Collins, Director of National Institutes of Health

Goal: Stop the National Institutes of Health from funding the cruel experiments performed at the University of Pittsburgh.

Over the years, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has given millions of dollars to the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) to fund cruel and barbaric experiments on innocent dogs, cats, mice, rats, rabbits, monkeys, and other animals in the name of scientific research. 

An animal rights organization went undercover to expose what these animals endure behind the scenes. According to the investigative report, monkeys were kept alone in small cages where they reportedly displayed symptoms of stress, such as rocking and pacing. According to eyewitness reports, rabbits had their ligaments cut and their legs contorted into extremely painful, unnatural positions. In addition, mice and rats were allegedly severely neglected. Eyewitnesses claimed countless mice and rats died from dehydration and drowning due to malfunctioning water systems. There was even a claim that one employee put live mice into a plastic bag to let them suffocate.

Sign this petition and demand that the NIH stop funding these cruel experiments. These animals are suffering unimaginable horrors and the results very rarely result in any benefit for human health.


Dear Dr. Collins,

For years, the NIH has been giving money to the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) in order to fund research that subjects innocent animals to unimaginable horrors. An animal rights organization went undercover to expose the agony these laboratory animals endure, and in doing so created a compelling case against funding this cruel form of research.

The undercover investigation revealed what appears to be blatant cruelty and neglect. Mice and rats were allegedly left to die from drowning or dehydration due to a malfunctioning water system. Rabbits supposedly had their ligaments cut and their limbs bent into unnatural positions, causing them agonizing pain. Monkeys were reportedly kept in total isolation, where they seemed desperate for physical contact.

These animals experience fear and pain, just like humans do. These experiments are cruel and very rarely result in anything that is beneficial to human health. Please consider no longer funding Pitt’s cruel experiments.


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Photo credit: Aaron Logan

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  1. You STUPID moron who call them selves scientist. We know you damn people are torturing our sweet animals to make MONEY not to cure diseases. You heartless two legged animals haven’t find out yet, that the junk you make does NOT work??????????? Every day we hear that some med that you people with brain (LOL) mad is KILLING people or they get cancer and die. WE NEED TO STOP YOU GREEDY SON OF B…….. FOR GOOD.

  2. NIH– stop supporting (with our tax dollars too) horrendous animal experiments when there are so many nonanimal tests that are more effective. I agree with Nopshin. The animal experiments are just greed (yes it’s big business, lab animal breeders with political lobby) and class B dealers who connive and steal pets and some public shelters sell unadopted pets to the lab animal dealers (unless that part about the public shelters has been banned, as it should be). Plus there are the sadistic animal haters. It is horrifying that our tax dollars are going to animal torture. We now have so many effective testing methods that are nonanimal.

  3. Ruth Tranquillo says:

    You guys know it is 2017, right??? No need to abuse the animals, there are other ways to experiment!! Its really all about MONEY!! I am really sick and tired of animal abuse, you all must STOP now!!! They have a right to LIVE, you do NOT have the right to KILL them.

  4. Animal experiments must really end now! It’s enough already, they DONT DESERVE SUCH CRUEL TREAMENT !!!

  5. I thought all the sadists and psychopaths worked at slaughterhouses and on factory farms but apparently they also work in research labs.

  6. As a member of the medical community, I found it disgraceful that we continue to test on animals (it’s even preposterous that we ever tested on animals in the first place!). Animals having a nervous system such as ours, they also similar desires and one is them is to free from pain. As written by Mark Twain, “I believe I am not interested to know whether Vivisection produces results that are profitable to the human race or doesn’t. To know that the results are profitable to the race would not remove my hostility to it. The pains which it inflicts upon unconsenting animals is the basis of my enmity towards it, and it is to me sufficient justification of the enmity without looking further.” Scientist’s should also know better and that what occurs in the lab doesn’t always apply in real practice. For example, for some time the protocols for treating sepsis which affects 1.1 million per year of all age ranges (CDC) were based on research done on rats. Eventually, those protocols were found to be quite wrong… Another famous example is Congestive Heart Failure in which 5 M per year are affected by the disease and another 500,000 die per year. Animal experiments done from the late 19th century showed that digoxin was very useful in treating this condition, it wasn’t until the 1970’s – 1980’s that showed just how wrong we were. More and more (over 2/3) Nobel Awards in Medicine are going to scientists that did not use animal studies. Even the NIH director (Dr. Elias Zerhoni) once said, “We have moved away from studying human diseases in humans. We all drink the kool-aid on that one. Me included. The problem is that animal testing hasn’t worked and it’s time we stopped dancing around the problem. We need to refocus and adapt new methodologies for use in humans to understand disease biology in humans.” So yes, to solve real problems and make real progress for both humans and animals, it’s time we end the use of animal experimentation. We must serious consider alternatives such as cell/tissue cultures, organ on chips and computer models. It’s time we make it a better world for ALL!

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