Uphold Cruelty-Free Product Testing Standards


Target: Seventh Generation CEO, John Replogle

Goal: End support for animal testing and remain a cruelty-free company

Seventh Generation has been a company that consumers have trusted for years. Seventh Generation has provided compassionate customers with cruelty-free cleaning and household products.

However, it seems that Seventh Generation has not been holding up their end of the bargain. Unbeknownst to consumers, Seventh generation has been promoting legislation that will result in painful poisoning and deaths of tens of millions of animals. Seventh Generation has been advocating in a number of campaigns that promote testing on animals.

Not only has the company been an advocate, but is now refusing to support reforms to the Toxic Substances Control Act. Reforms to this act would reduce the number of animals poisoned and killed in experiments each year. The reforms would also ensure that animals are only used for experiments after all other possible methods of gaining information on a chemical in question have been utilized. Seventh Generation is trying to keep all of this from happening.

While customers have been supporting the company by using their window cleaning products, and cleaning clothes and floors with their solutions, the company has been dishonest in its actions. Seventh Generation products may be cruelty-free, but behind the scenes the company is rallying to have animals placed in dangerous and deadly situations.

Seventh Generation has claimed that ending its support for animal testing does not match up with the company’s position. This is an absolutely ridiculous claim for a company that produces cruelty-free products. Tell Seventh Generation to appease its customer base by rejecting animal testing.


Dear Mr. John Replogle,

I am extremely disappointed to hear that Seventh Generation has violated the trust of many loyal customers who depend on the brand’s cruelty-free products and policies. By advocating for campaigns that test on animals, you have not upheld your dedication to cruelty-free policies. It is shocking that a company promoting itself as cruelty-free would support cruelty to animals.

I am confident in saying that until Seventh Generation stops advocating animal cruelty, I will no longer support the company. I will look for other brand’s carrying cruelty-free products and will advise friends and family who are consumers of Seventh Generation to do the same.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

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  1. Bina Pannell says:

    It all comes down to money. Again!!

  2. Emily March says:

    It all comes down to indifference to suffering and a great deal of sheer ignorance as well. As DISGRACEFUL as it is cynical in this case!

  3. Seventh Generation – you are going in the wrong direction – and as a result have lost my dollars…..

  4. Mais quand cessera-t-on de faire souffrir les animaux inutilement!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Barb Murphy says:

    I will be returning every single Seventh Generation product I bought. I don’t want cruelty in my home and I will not support companies who promote it…especially behind their compassionate customers’ backs! Shame on you Seventh Generation!

  6. Kelly Loewen Kelly Loewen says:

    FYI I received this response from the company, maybe it’s not so cut-and-dry as it seems:


    Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your concerns. I want to reassure you that we have never, and will never use or support animal testing. I personally would never work for a company that used or supported animal testing as I am sure everyone else who works here would echo this sentiment.

    We hear you loud and clear and agree with you – we must urge our Federal regulators to find non-animal means to test products and chemicals for safety. In addition, we are on a mission to urge Congress to reform our severely outdated toxic chemical laws which, since 1976, have allowed over 80,000 new chemicals to enter the market with significant harm to planetary, human and animal health and well-being. Our government is allowing companies to poison our children, our pets and our planet. We believe we must find a way to stop this tragedy and do so without further harm to animals. For 25+ years we’ve created products and tested formulations without harming animals. There is no reason to subjugate any animal to this cruel punishment.

    We believe we share common goals with PETA and PCRM and find it ironic and short-sighted that they would attack us as we fight to reduce the harm that so many other companies perpetrate to our people, our planet and our animals through testing and through spewing toxic chemicals into our world. We believe that we share many common objectives including PETA’s stated stance that animal testing must be used only as a last resort, yet, PETA does not support our call for chemical reform laws. We have asked them to join us on our campaign and they have refused. They believe toxic chemical reform cannot be achieved without harm to animals. While we respect their opinion, we also disagree with it. We believe we can and must strive to achieve both goals for the benefit of animals, children and our planet. Our critics are rightfully concerned with a potential outcome – where we succeed in changing toxic chemical laws but aren’t able to get Congress to reform the standards for safety by eliminating all forms of animal testing. We share their concern and have given it great thought and real pause. Yet, failing to move forward perpetuates our current system that increases the toxic chemical load and continues an inhumane animal testing safety protocol. We view this as a greater risk.

    To be transparent on where we stand, here is what I’d like you to know:

    • Seventh Generation has never and will never test our products or ingredients on animals and we remain a Leaping Bunny certified organization.

    • Outdated federal laws are allowing thousands of untested and unregulated toxic chemicals to wreak havoc on our planet and impact the health of all living creatures.

    • We are advocating for meaningful reform that strengthens toxic chemical regulation, while protecting both human AND animal health.

    • Contrary to what you’ve been led to believe, we absolutely think that legislative reform should promote the development and use of viable alternatives to animal testing and, after conversations with PETA and PCRM, have included language that requires non-animal testing be used preferentially. We did, however, stop short of signing PCRM’s letter.

    We think you deserve the truth and a balanced argument so you can make your own decision. We value your opinion and appreciate that you have shared it with us. We’re hopeful that together we can harness our energy and passion to create a world safe for all living species.


    Customer Service

    p.s. We encourage you to read others’ takes on the matter including:

  7. jaclyn bisanz says:

    even companies that claim to be Cruelty-Free arn’t always cruelty free behind the scenes!! THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED>

  8. It is not enough to boycott companies that torture helpless animals in order to test their products. These companies need to be shut down for good !!!!!!

  9. Marie Madden says:

    Any company that uses animals for any reason needs to be shut down. God did not put animals on earth to suffer.

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