Remove Horses From Custody of Alleged Animal Abuser

Target: Fulton County Animal Control Field Enforcement

Goal: Ensure man accused of multiple animal welfare violations can’t keep horses on his property.

A man already facing aggravated animal cruelty charges for the abuse of horses has been cited for animal cruelty again. Police responded to a call from a neighbor alleging that Branden Fulton of Fulton County, Georgia was beating his horses. When they arrived, they reportedly found four horses without any water available to them.

Fulton was previously charged with animal cruelty after animal services found four dead and three malnourished horses on his property, a farm 15 miles away from downtown Atlanta. One of the horses had reportedly been burned, while others were left to decompose on the property. Others were allegedly roaming the properly in various stages of starvation. At that time, several horses were removed from the property and Fulton was ordered by a judge to get rid of any remaining horses.

Before that, Fulton was accused of leaving a horse in a hot trailer for 7 hours. He was also cited for not providing proper enclosures for his animals.

If the above allegations are true, it would seem that a repeat animal abuser has acquired more horses to neglect. Considering Fulton’s alleged track record, it’s clear that these horses are in danger of mistreatment. In order to save more animals from starvation and death, it’s imperative that the animals are removed from the property and that Fulton is more closely monitored to ensure that no more horses are brought on to the property. Sign the petition below to ask local animal welfare agencies to send immediate help for these animals.


Dear Fulton County Animal Control Field Enforcement,

A man accused of starving several horses and leaving several more to die and decay on his property has been charged with animal cruelty once again. Branden Fulton has been cited for giving his horses no access to water. Police laid these charges after responding to a call from a concerned neighbor who alleged that Fulton was beating his horses.

A judge previously demanded that Fulton get rid of his animals, but it seems that there are still animals on his property. Considering his alleged track record, it seems that these horses are at risk of abuse. We, the undersigned, ask you to work hard to ensure that the animals are removed from his custody. We also ask for more oversight of the Fulton farm in order to ensure that no more animals are subjected to abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Diana Baker

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  2. Why in the hell is this POS allowed to continue to do this…shame on all of you cuz those responsible to vow to take care of (unfortunate repeated situations) like this are just as guilty. Why don’t you hire real people who care instead of the losers you have now!!

  3. Carolyn Taylor says:

    Remove these pitiful horses from the putrid abusers, now! No living being should ever be treated in such a mean and callous manner!


  5. Beth Marie says:

    What a joke! Obviously inept enforcement of law. Must be a hotbed of abuse, and repeat abuse. Why are these people free to continue abusing animals over and over? Law enforcement, prosecutors and judges are the guilty for not upholding the law!

  6. I realize that , in the majority, human beings hate animals!I hope they will be punished very soon by the last explosion of the earth.

  7. This continues to happen all over the U.S. Change the laws. One conviction, no more animals- in any state.

  8. Anne Moeller says:

    Put a stop to this abuse NOW- immediately move these horses to a RELIABLE sanctuary and instead of wasting court time and tax money put this abuser in a very small cage with NO food or water and let him rot in hell !

  9. First we all want to know the name of the judge who ruled over Branden Fulton’s last horrible inhumane treatment of Horses? The judge should have removed all the horses from his property and not allowed Branden Fulton to “Get Rid of Them”! Are you kidding me? That’s giving Fulton permission to do as he pleased with the poor horses. Any judge that would say “Get rid of them (animals)”, is telling that he is totally inept at caring about any animal.
    Don’t let this happen again Georgia the country is watching you. Everyone should contact;
    Office of the Fulton County District Attorney
    136 Pryor Street, SW, Third Floor
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    Phone: (404) 612-4981
    After 5pm (404) 224-3230 (Complaint Room)
    Fax: (404) 893-2769
    This Branden Fulton is a totally disgusting, vile monster, that deserves to be put in Atlanta’s famous prison FOR LIFE!!

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