Justice for Crocodile Stoned to Death at Zoo

Target: Riadh Mouakhar, Environment Minister of Tunisia

Goal: Order the construction of better barriers to protect Belvedere Zoo’s animals from attacks by visitors.

A crocodile was brutally stoned to death by visitors at the Belvedere Zoo, located in Tunis’ Belvedere Park. Sadly, this attack does not appear to be an isolated incident. According to Amor Ennaifer, one of the zoo’s veterinarians, visitors often throw rocks and litter at the animals, especially the lions and hippos.

The zoo is hiring three additional security guards in response to this attack. While this is a step in the right direction, the zoo is still desperately understaffed, and this slight increase in security will do little to prevent animals from being attacked with projectiles. Ask the zoo to consider installing more effective barriers around its most targeted animals’ enclosures to protect these captive animals from malicious visitors.


Dear Honorable Riadh Mouakhar,

Like so many people around the world, I was shocked and horrified to learn of the death of a crocodile by stoning at the Belvedere Zoo in Tunis. This animal’s death was an extreme act of cruelty, and I hope that Tunis law enforcement is doing everything it can to identify and rightfully punish the individuals responsible. However, I also believe that the zoo must take responsibility to prevent tragedies like this from happening in the future.

In response to ongoing complaints about litter and rocks being thrown at animals, I strongly urge the Belvedere Zoo to implement better barriers around its most commonly targeted enclosures. Mesh netting or similar barriers would likely prevent visitors from throwing larger, more dangerous objects, like the rocks that killed the crocodile. Please consider making these changes for the safety of the animals in the zoo’s care.


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Photo credit: Municipalité de la ville de Tunis

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  1. Where are the murderers of this poor and defenseless creature? Is there no punishment for these cruel actions? If locals keep on attacking animals, they don’t deserve to see them. Close it, and build an educational center to teach these morons to respect living creatures.

  2. What is WRONG with this zoo and their lack of sufficient barriers between the public and the animals…and mesh netting, for starters, so cheap!! IF these guys can’t afford to construct a zoo properly in the first place, it SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN, MY GOD HOW INEPT – it should have been shut down a long time ago. As for the visiting population near Tunis’ Belvedere Park that finds tormenting the trapped and defenseless FUN, throw them to the alligators or better still, stick them in an exhibition labeled “MUTANT DNA HUMAN, no hope, wrong turn, EXTINCTION nigh”.
    Added Security will DO NOTHING if a zoo is constructed improperly in the first place…this unnatural, self-indulgent and dominating form of “entertainment” (imprisonment and consequent suffering) should be abolished worldwide.

  3. Cruel evil and sick people.. Burn in Hell !

  4. Annica Eriksson says:

    Poor croc =(

  5. Cecelia Nelson says:

    These animals ARE NOT suppose to be CAGED or in enclosures of any kind. Yet that’s exactly what we do to these INNOCENT creatures from God. THEN, some waste of human flesh comes by & KILLS or ABUSES them. WHY? WHY? WHY? are we so CRUEL???? SHAME ON US!!!!

  6. Kathryn Lezenby says:

    Animals in cages have no way to escape these kinds of attacks and that must be terrifying for them. Please do what needs to be done to truly protect these animals.

  7. Bev Woodburn says:

    Catch the monsters responsible and stone the animal torturing psychopathic degenerate monsters to death the same as there innocent and helpless victim/s.
    Eradication of all animal torturers and abusers is required. These animal torturing monsters don,t deserve to breath the air of this planet. Kill them all.

  8. I am not going to sign this petition because I believe a better solution is to close down the zoo completely. If the citizens are so barbaric and treat zoo animals like this they should not be allowed to have a zoo.

  9. Why the heck would people go to a zoo just to throw things at the animals? Oh yes, that’s right…sick people do it.

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