Don’t Let Monarch Butterflies Go Extinct


Target: EPA, Department of Agriculture, and President Obama

Goal: Stop toxic pesticides from killing the last monarch butterflies

*This petition is in collaboration with Care2, thereby allowing all signatures to appear in a single location.

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  1. Laraine Lebron says:

    There is much concern over the fate of the Monarch. Please do all you can to save them.

  2. Graciela Downey says:

    Please save this gorgeous delicate work of god!

  3. Patricia Dumais says:

    I am very worried — in the past I have witnessed Monarch migrations — hundred of butterflies flying Southward. This summer I barely saw any — very distressing. WE must protect them!

  4. Gordon MacDonald says:

    Monarch butterflies are dying because a toxic herbicide is killing off their main food plant. Take action to save them before it’s too late, and protect these beautiful insects from extinction.

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