Stop Murdering Endangered Wolves

Target: Sami Niemi, Ministerial Advisor to Finland’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Goal: Stop shooting endangered wolves.

Endangered wolves are being legally hunted in Finland because some hunters claim they put the lives of their dogs at risk. However, there are only 235 wolves as compared to the 5.5 million people in the entire country, and many people in Finland do not own dogs. Such a fact makes allowing any countrywide hunts to take place ridiculous. Furthermore, the wolf is a protected species under the European Union, which would make hunting them illegal.

Sadly, 43 wolves were apparently recently killed as a result of the government allowing people to carry on the hunts. This number does not include the 34 other wolves that were also reportedly shot by police and hit by cars. Just as bad, the government is now permitting 53 more wolves to be killed this year.

In relation, people are rarely attacked by wolves. In fact, one scientific study showed that when wolves were approached 125 times, the wolves ran away all but twice. In the other two instances, mothers solely displayed protective behavior toward their pups and no direct aggressive behavior toward the people who approached them.

Continuing to kill wolves only ensures that this beautiful animal will become extinct. Demand wolves be saved from this horrible fate. We have to act now if we want these awesome animals to be around for years to come.


Dear Advisor Niemi,

Endangered wolves are being shot, even though they are protected by the European Union. It is important that we do everything possible to save this beautiful animal so that they will be able to thrive.

Claiming that wolves have to be shot for the purpose of protecting dogs is a poor argument when one considers that there are millions of people in Finland who own dogs as compared to only 235 wolves. Unfortunately, the government has apparently already allowed many wolves to be killed and plans to continue having countrywide hunts take place.

People are hardly ever attacked by wolves. One study even revealed that when wolves were approached, they are most likely to flee instead of act aggressively. The two wolves in the study that did not immediately leave when approached were mothers who only showed protective behavior toward their cubs, rather than aggressive behavior toward the people who approached them.

Continuing to allow wolves to be hunted will only lead to their extinction. We therefore demand that wolves be protected in Finland rather than hunted. If we don’t do what we can to save them today, they won’t be around for our kids tomorrow.


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Photo Credit: Mas3cf

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  1. THIS IS THE EXCUSE OF DEMONIC/EVIL HUMALS TO GET POWER/CONTROL AND THE EXCITEMENT OF KILLING/TAKING A LIFE ….this is easy for them rather than murdering a human…now they can’t go to jail…yet still they attain the dominance/power over a life……people of Finland leave the wolves and wild life alone….seek power within yourselves not to kill /murder these helpless wild lives with your power weapons..

  2. Anne Moeller says:

    we must protect these wonderful animals BEFORE it is too late!!STOP the murder!!

  3. Krysta Ice Krysta Ice says:

    Wolves have the right to be left alone to live out their natural lives without human interference.

  4. Eugene W Sengstake Jr says:

    Ignorant – stupid and egotistical people can be found everywhere – even in Finland. And if anyone thinks Finland’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry “really” gives a tinker’s dam about endangered wolves – or endangered anything for that matter – it’s most likely just wishful thinking on their part – – –

  5. Shoot some Fin’s instead there would be more room for wolves then.

  6. Shoot some Fin’s instead there would be more room for wolves then.

  7. Please do not allow anymore wolves to be killed. They will disappear forever if this is allowed.

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗😠

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