‘Spokane Serial Cat Killer’ Must be Caught

Target: Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Director Nancy Hill

Goal: Arrest and severely punish the “Spokane Cat Killer”  responsible for torturing and murdering nearly 30 kittens and cats.

Multiple kittens have been found in and around Spokane who appear to have been maimed, strangled and wrapped in USB cords or tape in a string of cruel and savage attacks. When the first kitten was discovered by a concerned resident who noted its jaw had been ripped open, Spokane County Regional Animal Protection (SCRAPS) appeared to brush off the case as “not a top priority.” Just five weeks after the first case, another kitten was found similarly bound with USB cables and later had to be euthanized due to its injuries. However, these would be only the first tragic examples in what over the next four months would develop into dozens of possibly related cases of tortured and bound cats and kittens, all taped or bound using cables or electrical wire.

Various witnesses, along with animal advocates The Barbi Twins, have taken to talk radio and social media to offer a reward for information leading to the arrest of this cat killer. Yet SCRAPS has made few comments regarding the investigation, and there is some indication that the department may even know who the suspect is but have so far declined in arresting the alleged perpetrator. SCRAPS has stated they believe only the first two cases are related, yet none of the reported cases have resulted in any arrests or charges filed.

It is outrageous that animal protection officials have not done more to seek justice for these innocent and defenseless cats. Please sign this petition to demand that the authorities take this investigation seriously and ensure that the killer is apprehended and severely punished before any other animals are hurt.


Dear Ms. Hill,

I urge you to do all within your power to investigate the cases involving cats and kittens that have been found tortured, strangled and killed in Spokane County. It has been four months since the first kitten was discovered dead, its jaw ripped open and bound tightly using USB cables. Since this first cruel and senseless act, more kittens have been found similarly bound and yet there has been no justice served. Whoever is responsible for these reprehensible acts is free to continue to do so, and it is only a matter of time before another living creature, be it a cat, another animal, or a person, is hurt.

You have a duty to the public of Spokane County to ensure that this investigation is using all of its available resources to find, arrest and punish this dangerous cat killer. Only a violent, sadistic person could be capable of such acts, and they must not be allowed to evade justice. The community of Spokane should not have to fear for the safety of their pets. Please ensure that this suspect is taken off the streets and is punished to fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ben Kerckx

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  1. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hope the P. O. S. asswipe(s) rot in hell❗😠
    Signed & shared.

  2. What sick idiot takes pleasure in killing other people people’s beloved pets.

  3. SCRAPS is obviously a totally useless organization and no one should support them. I hope this psycho does ‘graduate’ in a nano-second to HUMAN torture and murder, as these types do, because THEN the mindless, callous “authorities” WILL hop to to find and charge the sick bastard.

  4. Susan Budde says:

    He needs to be found and killed by members of the public (since the government won’t kill him). He has no business whatsoever to be existing on the planet. He lost that right.

  5. Germain Sanchez says:

    Tuer ces enfants de salauds…. Merde!

  6. i am sure he was fucked in his ass when he was little by his dad

  7. Fanny Michaud says:

    Please end this cruelty. He is dangerous to anyone able to feel physical pain. Any human, any animal.

  8. Debra Ciolli says:

    People MUST Understand what they REALLY have in their AREA is a SERIAL Killer of Maybe ANIMALS to BEGIN WITH But I’m POSITIVE Will Not & Probably HAS NOT been Their ONLY VICTIMS. The More they OR IT Gets AWAY With CRIMES Of this HEINOUS Nature, the MORE IT WILL Commit More CRIMES, & Against ANY & ALL Beings, Be them HUMAN OR ANIMALS, who CANNOT SPEAK UP OR OUT OR TELL..OR DEFEND OR PROTECT themselves! These are the ENTIRE SPECTRUM Of Not just COWARDS since they’ll ALWAYS ONLY..PREY ON those who ARE HELPLESS & DEFENSELSS, & they are COMPLETELY VOID OF ANY COMPASSION, A CONSCIENCE, A HEART, A SOUL, & THEY WILL & Most Assuredly Already Have Committed MORE CRIMES, always WILL BE SADISTIC, BARBARIC & BEYOND the DEFINITION OF CRUEL & ABUSE..They’ll ALWAYS Be OFF THE CHARTS For A DEMENTED..HEARTLESS, SOUL-LESS..CRIMES..FIND THEM..before they Find ONE OF YOURS..be it a HUMAN, a Child, or Handicapped Human or another Helpless, Defenseless ANIMAL..ALL BEINGS Are At Risk because these are a SUB SPECIES Not HUMANS AT ALL..These are the TRUE..ANIMALS..ALWAYS Been AMONG US, since time itself BEGAN, & These are those that NEED to be EXTERMINATED, ELINIMATED, TO BECOME “EXTINCT” & Permanently REMOVED From AMONG US..Once & For the REST OF TIME..or There will ALWAYS BE..THEIR NEXT VICTIMS..Unfortunately Probably, Already are many more. Find them, & Remove them.

  9. Why is SCRAPS not doing more to find this psycho killer? What a shame.

  10. Apollyon says:

    The people that profess to love cats so much, refuse to keep them at home in the house where they belong. Instead they let them roam loose or they buy one and just let it go to fend for it self. What do those cats do? Well they go to other peoples houses and piss on their car tires and shit in their yards, climb on the their new car’s hoods and scratch the paint. Then the people who love the cats, but not enough to keep them at home, can’t understand why someone kills them.

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