Demand Airline Cut Ties with SeaWorld

Target: Gregg Saretsky, President and CEO of WestJet

Goal: Stop WestJet from selling SeaWorld tickets.

Despite knowing of the horrors that happen at SeaWorld, Canadian airline WestJet continues to sell tickets to SeaWorld. It is time for WestJet to cut ties with this cruel company.

Many of the animals at SeaWorld were stolen from the wild and are now trapped in small, concrete tanks. In the wild, orcas can swim up to 100 miles a day while dolphins can swim up to 60 miles a day. At SeaWorld, the animals’ only option is to swim in never-ending circles. The animals imprisoned at SeaWorld are incredibly intelligent and social animals who suffer mentally and physically every day they spend trapped in their tanks.

Sign this petition and demand WestJet cut ties with SeaWorld.


Dear Mr. Saretsky,

Despite SeaWorld’s terrible reputation and lack of respect for its animals, your company continues to support and sell tickets for this cruel company. It is time to cut ties with SeaWorld.

SeaWorld currently holds 22 orcas and over 100 other whales and dolphins. Many of these animals were stolen from the wild and have since been imprisoned in small, concrete tanks. In the wild, these animals can swim between 60 and 100 miles a day. At SeaWorld, they can only swim in endless circles. Captivity causes many mental and physical problems in these incredibly intelligent, social and active animals.

Please consider ending your relationship with SeaWorld. These animals belong in the wild where they can swim freely in the open ocean, not in small tanks being exploited for profit.


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Photo credit: Ed Shipul

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  1. this must be from the same person who organised a disgusting protest at our Sea World on the Gold Coast Australia…..not all marine parks are cruel to their marine animals and at least they’re safer in a place that cares for their needs when they require than in the wild where they’re subject to those who don’t; you should really think before you go off and set a petition about something that isn’t abuse

    • Helen Troy says:

      It is abuse Wendy J!! Just because they are fed and not harmed physically their psychological needs can never be met in a tank! Their natural home is in the ocean as wildlife with all the hazards that brings!

    • Do you work there to state this or is this just your opinion based on…hopes and dreams about good people?? Get a clue. It is for profit. So are they not purposely using these animals for greedy money, then for what? It teaches us nothing other than they can be forced to jump through hoops due to being withheld food and using artificial insemination to keep the entertainment rolling and the money lining the pockets. Do some research. It is abuse.

    • Caroline Dinnage says:

      I can only assume that you are not very intelligent at all Wendy if you truly believe the things you wrote!
      These creatures are wild so they belong in the wild, they are not a form of entertainment for selfish morons…

    • You are ignorant Wendy. You don’t have a clue. Animals don’t belong in tanks or zoos. How much more evidence do you need to see that! How would you like to be stuck in a tank and perform for the rest of your life? Just think about that!

    • Rosie Boyd says:

      You clearly have no clue as to what constitutes animal abuse! Go and do your homework before posting such an ignorant comment. It’s people like you who unwittingly support animal abuse.

  2. Anne Moeller says:

    All living creatures belong in the wild NOT in confinements for ignorant people,s entertainment- So do NOT support these parks by flying and going there!!

  3. Terri Azevedo says:

    Wendy J you need to keep your ignorant comments to yourself. These marine parks are absolutely cruel. They belong wild and free, not floating in something the size of a bathtub for disgusting greedy people to be entertained! Animals should not be used for entertainment!!

  4. Caryl Sawyer says:

    Isn’t Westjet Canadian? Anyone expect much from a country that sanctions beating the brains out of baby seals? Don’t think too many Cansdians give a damn.

    And, yes, Wendy is either a liar or a moron.

  5. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗😠

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