Praise End of Abandoned Animal Euthanasia


Target: California Governor Jerry Brown

Goal: Thank Governor Brown for ending an inhumane law that resulted in the needless deaths of countless adoptable animals after they were abandoned

A cruel state law that resulted in countless unnecessary deaths of healthy, adoptable animals has been in effect in California up until recently. Fortunately, California legislators recognized the inhumane and senseless nature of the law and worked to prevent the loss of even more innocent lives.

The former law mandating that all animals abandoned by their owners at an animal care facility be automatically euthanized was in effect for far too long in the state of California. This senseless law didn’t allow for the consideration of the animal’s health or adoptability and instead meant a death sentence for any animal left at a care facility. The widespread presence of rescue groups and animal welfare organizations willing to take in and re-home these abandoned animals makes laws like this incredibly illogical and entirely unnecessary. Facilities like the recently introduced ASPCA spay/neuter clinic in the Los Angeles region were legally required to have any animal abandoned there heartlessly euthanized no matter how healthy or loving they were.

Thankfully, ASPCA officials refused to accept this inhumane law and worked toward having the law addressed by state legislators. Assemblyman Brian Maienschein of San Diego introduced Assembly Bill 1810 to eliminate the mandate and instead provide more opportunities for animal care facilities to re-home abandoned animals. Thank Governor Brown for his role in supporting the bill and seeing that it was officially signed into law.


Dear Governor Brown,

A state law that led to the unnecessary deaths of countless adoptable animals was in effect in California for far too many years. Thankfully, California legislators recently recognized the pressing need for a change and worked toward a compassionate solution that will save many innocent lives.

The former law mandated that all animals abandoned at animal care facilities be euthanized without any consideration for their health or adoptability. With so many rescue groups and animal welfare organizations willing to re-home these animals throughout the state, such a law is rendered unnecessary and inhumane. As an animal welfare advocate, I am grateful for the efforts state legislators put into finding a compassionate solution, which resulted in the creation of Assembly Bill 1810. The bill eliminates the automatic death sentence these innocent animals formerly faced and instead expands the opportunity for animal care facilities to re-home abandoned animals. Thank you for giving abandoned animals a second chance by supporting Assembly Bill 1810.


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  1. Emily March says:

    I always led California; I like it now even better!

  2. Emily March says:

    I always LIKED California; I like it now even better!

  3. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    Thanks Governor Browon for working in favor of the innocent and voiceless. You are a true heroe. Thanks also to all animal activists that have made this possible.

  4. Kristine Osborn says:

    This is a good start, now please keep going.

  5. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  6. I am not a fan of Gov Brown but this is a good law.

  7. Christina Anderson says:

    The word “shelter” implies a place of safety, where an animal or a person can be cared for, can rest in safety, and can gather strength to go on. The “shelters” in this country have long ago ceased to live up to their name. They have become dumping grounds and killing fields for animals no longer wanted either by their owners or by those who work in the shelters. Never kid yourself, many people who work in shelters have no regard for the animals they are supposedly there to serve. Many shelters are “top-heavy” with over-paid, lazy administrators and under-paid, uncaring, often downright cruel staff. Until this problem is rooted out from the top down to the lowliest kennel cleaner, shelters will go on as they have in the past, claiming to “euthanize” (read that KILL) animals who in their estimation, aren’t going to be adopted quickly, to make “room” for those who will move off the adoption floor quickly with the minimum of fuss or expense to the shelter. Read Nathan Wingrad’s book Redemption for a clear view of animal shelters across this country.

  8. Just one of many reasons why it’s so nice to have Jerry Brown back and Schwarzenegger out. Arnie did NOTHING to help animals, nor anyone else (uh … except for the very wealthy) for that matter. By the way, do we euthanize abandoned children? Of course not. So why would anyone accept euthanizing helpless animals?

  9. clare worthington says:

    This is great that now there’s no more killing of animals that are needing better homes

    • MissCinnamon says:

      This law ONLY mandates that animals classified as “ABANDONED” will not AUTOMATICALLY be destroyed. Please DO NOT INTERPRET this to mean that animals will no longer be put to death- far from it. California shelters have some of the highest kill rates in the nation (check out the Facebook pages of individuals advocating on behalf of dogs from these Los Angeles county shelters- San Bernadino, Carson City, Baldwin Park). While this law represents a small step, much more aggressive policies need to be put in place and enforced.

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