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dolphin slaughter

Target: Melissa Sehgal, Coordinator of Sea Shepherd

Goal: Support the conservationist group Sea Shepherd and other activists as they protest the dolphin slaughters in Japan

Each year in a small Japanese coastal town, nearly 2,000 dolphins are slaughtered. The government has done nothing to end this barbaric tradition, but instead allows the local fisherman to hunt a yearly quota of 2,000 dolphins and porpoises. The conservationist group Sea Shepherd has come to the small coastal town of Taiji to protest the dolphin slaughters for the fifth year in a row.

The barbaric techniques the fisherman employ to kill the dolphins involve metal banger poles that drive the dolphin pods into the shallow waters of the cove where they are netted. After being wrangled, the dolphin hunters hammer large metal poles into the dolphins and whales, impaling their spinal cords. Most of the time, the dolphins do not die instantly, but are left to slowly succumb to their internal injuries or drown in their own blood. The waters of the cove turn a sickly color of red with their blood.

Sea Shepherd is in Taiji for the fifth dolphin hunting season in a row, hoping to end the slaughters once and for all. Dolphins are such gentle and kind creatures and do not deserve to be killed, especially in such a barbaric manner. Sign this petition and support the Sea Shepherd conservationist group and other activists as they protest this atrocious dolphin slaughter.


Dear Melissa Sehgal,

The annual slaughter of nearly 2,000 wild dolphins is atrocious and must be ended. Dolphins are kind and gentle animals and do not deserve to be killed, especially in such a barbaric manner. I understand that it is Sea Shepherd’s fifth year in Taiji protesting the yearly slaughter. I would like to thank you and everyone else protesting this barbaric tradition.

Every year dolphins are wrangled and killed in a cove on Taiji. The techniques the fisherman employ to hunt and kill the dolphins is absolutely atrocious. Most of the time, the dolphins do not immediately die after the hunters impale their spinal cord. They are left to slowly succumb to their internal injuries or drown in their own blood. So many die that the waters of the cove turn red with their blood.

These dolphins depend on you to save them from being slaughtered since the Wakayama government is unwilling to do anything to help them. I believe that with your continued efforts and support from countless other activists, this barbaric tradition of dolphin slaughters will cease.


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Photo credit: Arne List via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Bina Pannell says:

    Traditions start from somewhere, so how about they start a new one which involves caring and respecting creatures – great, small, walking, flying, swimming?

  2. Emily March says:

    The mere thought of sharing a planet with people that ignorant, barbarous and estranged from the beauty of nature makes one shudder in horror and disbelief!

    • Debra Picard says:

      Thanks so much Emily 🙂 I’ve been saying this exact same thing for YEARS!!!!

    • Debra Picard says:

      THANKS Emily…you’ve taken the words I say on a daily basis ..right out of my mouth…man’s heart is EVIL and DECEITFULLY WICKED! And that’s the end of the story!

  3. As always, japanese being japanese. Thay’re the cancer of this world.

  4. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    It is disgusting how asiatic people justify their barbaric actions using excuses like science, tradition or entertainment. There total disregard toward creatures with whom we share this planet and who have the same right as we humans have to live free and respected in the world is appalling. They simply are bloody thirst monsters.

  5. caryl sawyer says:

    How many of you are driving a Japanese car?

    December 7, 1941. I’ll walk first.

  6. We should all be boycotting Japanese products until this unnecessary slaughter ends. A dolphin cries like a child; murdering a dolphin is like murdering a human child !!!

    • Debra Picard says:

      You took those words right out of my mouth! I already refuse to ever buy anything made in China because of the slaughter of dogs and cats for meat! They just slaughtered over 2000 dogs, all who were kept in small cages just overfilled with dogs and cats! They just pile a truck full of them, like they aren’t even alive!!! And THROW the cages on a cement floor..well, I guess since they are going to eat them…they care less about the abuse before they are slaughtered !!!!

  7. Patricia Dumais says:

    When will these barbaric acts of cruelty end?

  8. Stop stop

    Save forever the delphins!

    Beautiful creatures!

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