Stop Slaughtering Innocent Animals for Misguided Medicinal Purposes

Target: Tshekedi Khama II, Minister of Environment, Wildlife, and Tourism (Botswana)

Goal: End the slaughter of the African species of pangolin before they become endangered, like their Asian counterparts.

The African pangolin, an innocent, scale-covered ant eater, is being hunted to extinction because practitioners of traditional African and Chinese medicine believe that the animals’ scales have special healing capabilities. In addition, their meat is used as a delicacy in both continents.

The animals have no healing powers, despite the legend surrounding them. Their scales are nothing more than keratin, which is what makes up human fingernails. Despite scientific evidence proving that the animals have no healing abilities, smugglers have obtained tens of thousands of tons of their scales in 2016 alone.

There have been some strides in the protection of this animal. Its endangered status in Asia has led to a ban on its trade and criminal offenses for anyone found murdering or consuming the animal in China. However, they are still being hunted in Africa, and because only the Asian species are endangered, smugglers have found a loophole in which they can use the African species in place of the Asian. More must be done to protect this animal. Sign the petition to demand that the government of Botswana, a nation that supports the habitats of the pangolins, enact tougher regulations for the protection of the animal.


Dear Minister Khama,

The pangolin is a unique African animal. However, its numbers are shrinking because they are being hunted for their keratin scales. These scales are being used for medicinal purposes, while their meat is eaten as a delicacy in both African nations and Asian countries. Because of this, they may become endangered, and potentially extinct, in your continent.

The Asian species is already endangered and its murder, trade, and consumption is banned. However, such regulations do not exist for the African species. As a result, it has been smuggled into Asian nations. I ask that your government take steps to protect the animal, so that hopefully other nations follow suit and the pangolin can be saved before ever reaching the endangered species list.


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Photo Credit: Wildlife Alliance

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  1. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    I cannot understand in this century how people can be so naive and still believe that stuff like fingernails have magical healing powers? Start growing your own and your toe nails, and leave God’s innocent animals alone. They were on this planet long before humans, yet we ignorantly think we know better and have the right to abuse, murder and exterminate them into extinction!
    Stop animal abuse right now and start prosecuting these lowlifes poaching protected species, with very severe jail time or public flogging!

  2. it really goes to show just how stupid these people are, if they still believe all this bull shxt, these small sweet creatures should just be left alone, as if, not a hope in hell while there are all these sick evil bastards about.

  3. Demetrios E Lekkas PhD says:

    This stupid stupid morbid idea that keratin is medicinal if it has certain shapes and sizes!

  4. The Pangolin faces certain extinction if the trade in their parts is allowed to continue.
    There is ample scientific evidence to support the fact that their use in traditional medicine is ineffective. Too many species of African animals, many at risk of extinction,are being exploited for profit.

  5. Africa. Wake the hell up. What are you people doing? Please protect these innocent creatures who are just trying to live their lives just like us humans.

  6. The practitioners of traditional African and Chinese medicine believe that the animals’ scales have special healing capabilities IS JUST AN EXCUSE TO MAKE THEMSELVES MONEY!! And if they really believe it then they need psychiatrists and shouldn`t be advising others.

  7. Africa, you are letting many animals down. You must put yourself in the animals place. How would you like to be torured and suffer ungodly pain and who knows what else, dropped into boiling water alive. Not having a voice no one to hear your screams if you did have one. I just want to gather everyone up who has had anything to do with the death of any Pangolin and make them give up their nails, hair anything that can be ripped out/off their body. And then let them die same fate as most other Pangolin. Africa you had better figure out a way to take care of your poachers.

  8. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Stop murdering these innocent animals all for your stupid medicinal beliefs. You are killing them to the point of extinction. Stop being so greedy!

  9. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗?

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