Applaud Officer for Saving Abused Dog

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Target: Texas Police Officer, Aaron Morgan

Goal: Commend police officer who stopped teenagers from committing animal abuse

A police officer from Pantego, Texas is being praised for his swift actions to stop a male teenager after he was caught beating and kicking a tied up dog. According to Star-Telegram, the off-duty police officer, Aaron Morgan, heard a dog in pain in a neighbor’s backyard while visiting his family in Arlington. Morgan looked through the fence and saw a teenager tying a dog to a tree with a rope, holding the animal up by its throat and beating it down to the ground. Morgan shouted at the teenager to stop while pulling out his cellphone to record the animal abuse before calling the authorities.

Officer Morgan handed the cellphone video over to authorities for evidence, along with a witness statement about the incident. The teen and his family were forced to surrender the dog to authorities. The teen was arrested for animal cruelty and is awaiting trial. The police department of Pantego will recognize Officer Morgan for his quick response to stop animal abuse.

Please sign this petition to recognize Officer Aaron Morgan for saving the life of a dog that was being abused by a teenager.


Dear Officer Morgan,

Thanks to your swift action, an innocent animal has been rescued from its abuser and is now living in a safe place. You were not even on duty when you saw the teenage male tying his dog to a tree and choking and beating it in his backyard. Your video and witness statement helped authorities prosecute the boy and make his family surrender their dog.

Your courageous efforts have brought awareness to something that some people usually ignore. This incident highlights the fact that there needs to be more public awareness about the prevalence of animal abuse in the United States. There needs to be more individuals, like you, who are willing to make the call to help an animal in need. The more these abusers are called out for their awful actions, the more the issue of animal abuse will come to light.

Thank you for caring enough to speak up and save the life of an innocent animal. The dog now gets a second chance at life with a more loving and caring family.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Joseph Reicherts via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Tharon Hoffman says:

    I grew up in Arlington and although separate towns they are one in the same.
    It sounds as not much has changed in Pantgo in the 25 or so years since I moved away. Thank you Officer Morgan. Your actions show the world what type of law enforcement Pantgo has. Enforcers of the law that are always there in times of need no matter if you a human or animal, Black or White, Mexican or from India. Keep up the good work. The world watch’s and apploudes you and your department. You are who you work for you. You are who you hang out with. If its not good make a change.
    Sincerely, Tharon

  2. Cecily Colloby says:

    Thankyou, Officer Morgan and may the scum who treated his dog so cruelly spend eternity in hell….

  3. Marina nemchinova says:

    I think that teen needs to be tied up to a tree, held by his throat and beaten to the ground. I’d gladly volunteer. That should teach these scums to pick on someone who would actually be able to fight back. And what the F were the parents doing? Oh, nothing, huh? And then people wonder where rapists, murderers and molesters come from.

  4. caryl sawyer says:

    Sir, you are the kind of law enforcement officer I served with. Good to know there are some of the good guys still out there.

  5. I take my hat off to you sir.You are a wonderful example for law enforcement all over the world.They dont make them like you anymore.ThankYou

  6. Thank you, Officer Morgan. You exemplify what the law enforcement should be about and what it means to genuinely protect and represent your community and all of its residents. God bless!

  7. Sheila Jefferson says:

    You are awesome officer Aaron Morgan!!
    God Bless you! Thank you so much!!! 🙂

  8. aaron morgan says:

    Thank you all for your support and comments, I’m so happy to hear that there are more people out there like myself who would do everything and anything for our four legged friends.
    I did what I did not only cause it was my job, but human or animal NO ONE should be treated like that. I have to say thank you to THE CITY OF ARLINGTON POLICE OFFICERS, I am but one man it takes all of us working together to make this happen. So to everyone out there thank you for your support.

    Don’t be afraid to step forwards when you see something that is wrong!

  9. Guillaume LAURENCIN says:

    Respect and congratulation for Officer MORGAN. A medal for him please !!!!!!!!

  10. clare worthington says:

    This is wonderful to get to see this police officer did help a defenseless dog that was needing help an this officer did help an this is wonderful to see as we are needing to get more of this by our policeing helping the animals that are needing help an not harming them in the way we have heard about more so thankyou officer you are showing others in the police force that there’s no need to harm the animals that are needing help an not hurting them is wonderful to see as this is not what the law should be doing they should be protecting them not harming them

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