Rescue Suffering Polar Bear from Overheated Zoo

Polar Bear

Target: Morelia Mayor Wilfrido Lázaro Medina

Goal: Stop postponing a suffering polar bear’s rescue and relocation

A polar bear named Yupi has endured more than 20 years of suffering in a barren concrete zoo enclosure in Mexico with sweltering temperatures and no physical or mental stimulation. She was supposed to be relocated to a polar bear sanctuary in Britain, but a recent wave of gang violence outside the zoo has postponed her rescue.

Yupi was captured when she was only a few months old after her mother was cruelly shot and killed by hunters in Alaska. She was removed from her home and brought to a city zoo in Morelia, Mexico, where she has suffered in up to 95-degree temperatures in a barren concrete enclosure for the last 21 years. The enclosure was originally designed for a grizzly bear, not a polar bear who thrives in sub-zero Arctic temperatures. Yupi spends 17 hours a day locked in the darkness of a 15-foot-wide indoor pen without windows. She is allowed seven hours per day in a larger concrete enclosure with only a warm, chlorine-filled pool and three tree stumps, one of which is electrified to prevent her from touching it. The concrete floors and walls of her enclosure absorb heat throughout the day and are hot to touch, so Yupi reportedly spends most of her time pacing in a small patch of shade or desperately trying to cool herself off in the warm pool.

A lack of physical space and mental stimulation is cruel for any animal, but polar bears’ skin has a layer of blubber designed to retain heat, making the sweltering Mexican temperatures even less bearable. A 15-acre polar bear sanctuary with snowy hills, caves, ice-cold lakes, and Arctic plants is waiting for Yupi, but the gang violence outside her zoo is forcing her rescuers to postpone her relocation. Demand Mexican authorities begin immediate intervention to stop this violence and devise a plan to safely relocate Yupi.


Dear Mayor Medina,

A polar bear named Yupi currently lives in inhumane conditions at a city zoo in Morelia. A sanctuary has been given permission to relocate her, but a recent wave of gang activity outside the zoo has postponed her rescue.

As a polar bear, Yupi is designed for sub-zero Arctic temperatures, but has been forced to endure up to 95-degree heat at the zoo in a concrete pen with only a warm chemical-filled pool. She is only allowed in this enclosure seven hours per day, and must spend the other 17 hours locked in a dark, windowless holding pen. These conditions are cruel for any animal, but the heat and living conditions in Yupi’s pen are unbearable for polar bears. Yupi has been given the opportunity to go to a 15-acre sanctuary with snowy hills, caves, ice-cold lakes, and Arctic plants, but the criminal activity outside her zoo is delaying her relocation.

I urge you to immediately seek alternative methods of safely relocating Yupi in the midst of this violence, and to do whatever possible to end it for the safety of both the people and the zoo animals nearby.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: nkotech via DeviantArt

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  1. Lesley Robinson says:

    This bear’s transfer from Alaska to Mexico has been one long drawn out ACT OF CRUELTY. Which ever stupid, brain dead idiot suggested she go to Mexico in the first place needs taking outside and shot between the eyes.

  2. Ravinder singh says:

    every body is blind that they are unable to see the plight of the animal. Please put them in the same cage and give them first hand experience.

    • what a foolish idea to put a polar bear in a habitat built and designed for a grizzly bear when in fact that what they’re doing to the poor and helpless animals.
      so i commend you for being friendly and helpful

  3. I don’t know how anyone could look at an animal in this position, and enjoy it. When the hell are stupid humans going to get it?

  4. I will never go to a zoo or a circus that uses animals and when I’m a grandmother, I won’t take my grandchildren there either!

  5. Theory Madison says:

    “the measure of a nation is how it treats it’s animals.” ~ghandi~


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