Protect Wild Animals From Sport Hunters

Target: Mr. José Sarney Filho, Brazil’s Minister of the Environment

Goal: Do not approve legislation authorizing the hunting of wildlife species in Brazil.

Brazilian legislators are currently discussing an amendment to the country’s Hunting Law that would allow professional and sport hunting on a national scale. Currently, any hunting is prohibited in Brazil except when there is a formal authorization by the federal government. The amendment has been proposed by members of the agribusiness caucus.

Brazil is one of the top countries in diversity of flora and fauna, and hunting has been forbidden since 1967. However, environmentalists still argue that hunting of wild animals has never really ceased. Illegal hunting is one of the main reasons for the reduction of animal populations and the formal extinction of endangered species in the country. With its extensive territory, Brazil has had problems in pushing forward adequate inspection and accountability mechanisms. Since 2013, the controlled hunting of wild boars has been allowed, but the experience has been rather worrisome. Looting of wild boars in remote places and cruel treatment through the use of hunting dogs, snare traps and unauthorized weaponry have been reported. That raises a big red flag for any legislation aiming to extend the practice of hunting.

Supporters of the amendment claim that hunting helps to balance the needs of wildlife and their habitats with the needs of the human population, and can be done using the best scientific knowledge available. However, the scientific community has not been consulted to discuss this amendment to the Hunting Law. It is clear that the bill weakens the control over hunting expeditions and the power to extend detention sentences and fines for killing, poaching, catching, or selling unlicensed animals. In other words, this means a massive step backwards in terms of animal conservation. Sign the petition below and demand that Brazilian legislators protect wild animals and prevent them from being cruelly killed.


Dear Minister Sarney Filho,

Brazilian lawmakers are currently discussing an amendment to the country’s Hunting Law that would allow professional and sport hunting on a national scale. The bill will overturn the current prohibition of this practice, while the country still lacks the necessary resources to guarantee adequate inspection and accountability measures to oversee the protection of biodiversity.

Brazil is known for its beautiful landscapes and exquisite flora and fauna — surely these unique treasures are worthy of government protection. The prospect that hunting might be approved in Brazil’s territory is frightening. Hunting of wild animals has never fully ceased in the country, though it is not formally allowed. It remains one of the primary reasons for the reduction of animal populations and the extinction of endangered species. Its extension will worsen these consequences.

I urge you to reject this amendment, and work towards enforcing current legislation and international agreements aimed at preserving biodiversity. Brazil’s precious ecosystems need your support.


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Photo credit: cmart29

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  1. aileen samaro says:

    Brazil protect your wild animals…people are evil and cruel and will hunt your wild animals to extinction…uphold the laws ..

  2. Is the Dallas Safari Club behind it? The one that promotes and bribes all the African countries to allow trothy hunting for big money?

    Brazil, please please please do not go down the same route as S Africa and Zimbabwe. Animals are on this planet for their own reasons NOT for us to use and abuse.
    Make your money by promoting camera safaris, wildlife education etc.
    What will you do when there are no more animals to kill?

  3. Agree with Bina P…..some group of trophy hunters with lots of money has GOTTEN to the Brazilian legislators!


  4. Bev Woodburn says:

    Killing animals is just to make theses idiots feel like big men but it turns out they are only little men with big guns, bows, little dicks and no balls.
    They are gutless animal murdering psychopathic degenerate monsters.

  5. TRACY JOSEPH says:

    Please people are evil…They really are…Don’t allow them near your animals…Just look at Africa…I live there and I can tell you people are disgusting when it comes to hunting and NOTHING is ever done about it

  6. Jim Takahashi says:

    Precious wild animals must be protected from brainless/heartless/gutless trophy hunters. We must put shame and pressure not only on those scumbags but the countries which allow them to do it (obviously for money). If you agree, please sign the petition.

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗?

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