Stop Yanking Feathers Off Live Ducks to Decorate Pillows

Target: Gary Friedman, CEO of Restoration Hardware

Goal: End the sale of down products at Restoration Hardware.

Restoration Hardware is a popular furniture store that started using an alternative to down in most of its products after learning about the horrors ducks face for down. However the company still continues to sell down decorative pillows. We must act now to demand that this company stop selling down altogether.

Ducks used for down typically live in small, dirty cages where they have limited access to food and water. Every six weeks, ducks have their feathers plucked from them all while still conscious. This starts as early as 10 weeks old. The plucking is done without any painkillers, and wounds are a common occurrence.

Sign this petition and demand that Restoration Hardware get rid of all its down feather products. No animal should suffer for a pillow.


Dear Mr. Friedman,

Despite knowing the horrors ducks trapped in the down industry experience, your company continues to sell down pillow inserts for decorative pillows. There are many cruelty-free alternatives, some of which you are already utilizing. It is time to take full advantage of these products that do not harm ducks.

Ducks used for down are typically trapped in small, dirty cages where they have limited access to food, water and the outside. Starting as early as 10 weeks old, the ducks have their feathers plucked every six weeks. This is done while the ducks are still conscious and without painkillers. The rough plucking often leads to wounds.

No animal should suffer for a pillow. Please consider ending all your sales of down products and only use cruelty-free alternatives instead.


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Photo credit: Brandon Weeks

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  1. It has come to my attention that Restoration Hardware sells a down insert for decorative pillow covers. After speaking with PETA, do you not care how down is obtained from ducks and geese? Apparently not, since you continue to market it.

    I implore you; please assist us in protecting these very sensitive and beautiful animals by putting a policy into place that agrees to permanently stop selling down of any kind. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Dawn Pettinger says:

    I would like to see the monsters who actually pluck the feathers out, and rip there hair out by the roots, and see how they like it. These people who do this for a living , are scum of the earth, with no conscience or compassion. There are other ways to make a living, education or clean roads, not torture live animals for money.

  3. this is so out of date, cruel sickening evil and vile, i would just love to rip the hair out of these peoples heads, just so they might get the fact that it is so painful for these beautiful ducks, what a way to earn a living, i would rather be out of work. or get a proper job, scum of the earth.

  4. Bridgette Tannehill says:

    If this is how down is actually harvested it should change. BUT, if PETA is involved with this article I would be cautious of what is being said. I have been aquatinted with PETA when I lived in California while showing dogs. They have been known to go through the camp areas and release the dogs resulting in lost dogs or some so scared running into traffic and being killed.

    PETA is very militant and have made comments that an animal is better off dead than owned.

  5. Some more info…
    DOWN AND FEATHER industry representatives claim that the majority of down and other feathers on the market are removed from the birds after they are are killed for their flesh or organs, the feathers a ‘by-product’ of the meat industry, yet there is question as to whether this is so… A Swedish TV documentary apparently discovered that in reality 50-80 percent of the down on the market was coming from live birds, industry groups then claimed the percentage was much lower. IKEA independently verified this fact and confirmed the higher numbers. The birds that are not plucked alive suffer equally… The North Face and Patagonia discovered the down in their clothing came from geese force-fed in Hungary (foie gras), “contrary to assurances that they had been given by their supplier, one of the world’s biggest providers”.
    RESTORATION, I’ve shopped with you. I didn’t KNOW you condoned cruelty and torture. I actually thought you were better than that.

  6. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared ?

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