Keep Captive Orcas Out of the Winter Olympics

orcas in Russia

Target: Anatoly Pakhomov, Mayor of Sochi, Russia

Goal: Immediately release two captured orcas back into the wild, where they can live a natural life free from captivity

The Winter Olympics of 2014 will be hosted in the city of Sochi, Russia. In order to attract more tourism, the city has decided to showcase two wild-caught killer whales during the games. There are strong movements against using intelligent marine mammals as entertainment; allowing Sochi to display these orcas for monetary purposes during the games is a step in the wrong direction.

These two orca whales will be the first ever to be publicly displayed in Russia. The Olympic Games are not a time to introduce an abusive act of disrespect to marine mammals. The International Olympic Committee’s Environmental Mandate features an agenda, Agenda 21, which states “all upcoming Olympic developments will be carried out with a commitment to environmental consciousness and sustainability.” Displaying these orcas is not conducive to Agenda 21.

Orcas do not thrive in captivity and do not belong there. Captive orcas often become abnormally aggressive, depressed and lethargic due to being forced to live in a tiny tank and perform for humans. The Olympic Games highlight the amazing capabilities and strengths of human beings. Displaying these wild-caught orcas shows the negative and selfish aspects of human nature, something that does not belong in this setting. Urge the mayor of Sochi to set the two captive orcas free to honor marine life and the Olympics.


Dear Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov,

You recently announced that you plan to display two wild-caught orcas for the Winter Olympics of 2014. I am severely disappointed in this decision. Many nations have banned the captivity of intelligent marine life due to its abusive and inhumane nature. The majestic beasts do not belong in a display tank, and they should not be associated with the Winter Olympics of 2014.

Agenda 21 of the International Olympic Committee’s Environmental Mandate states, “all upcoming Olympic developments will be carried out with a commitment to environmental consciousness and sustainability.” Taking orca whales from the wild to be used for human entertainment and monetary gain is the opposite of environmental consciousness. Orcas are highly social mammals with complex family structures; they thrive in the world’s oceans, not in captivity.

Mr. Pakhomov, I urge you to release the two wild-caught orcas back into the ocean they were taken from. Russia should not start publicly displaying orcas when the rest of the world is fighting against their captivity. Please reconsider Olympic plans that will harm wild and captive animals.


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Photo Credit: Antony Pranata via Flickr

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  1. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Please reconsider..this is inhumane and selfish.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi,

    PLease dont include animals in your olympic events. like Kayta the Bear. kept in a cage for the last 4-5 years after she was the “toast of the town” doing her olympic stunt. she needs to be sent to a sanctuary, after all shes done for the country.
    Now let the Orcas go. and concentrate on the people.

  3. Fuc** tourism!!! I hope people decline to the Olympics! How greedy!!! My God!!

  4. Adriene DeZarn says:

    Retire that Poor Bear to a Sanctuary and Release the Orcas! Stop trying to prove your Country is Full of Inhumanity & Ignorance! The Rest of the World Already Knows!

  5. Nicole Rockmann says:

    I used to love seeing Whales in Aquariums, but that was when I was unaware of the injustice. We as humans have no rights to keep such majestic wild animals in captivity that can not possibly compare to their natural environment. It hurts me that you as a country have made this decision. I hope you reconsider this decision so we can enjoy your Olympics. I ask you please to return the whales to the ocean where they are meant to live their lives.

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