Investigate Revenge Attack on Stray Dogs


Target: Mr. Abhijeet Bapat, Chief Executive Officer, Satara Council

Goal: Tell the Satara council officials that there needs to be an in-depth investigation of the killings of 200 stray dogs

In Satara, India, over 200 stray dogs were mysteriously poisoned after news broke that a 5 year-old was mauled to death because of one. The child was assaulted to death by a pack of stray dogs and was pronounced dead in news reports. Although many mourn the loss of the child, people have been calling the killings a horrendous act of revenge for what happened to the child. They do not know who is behind this killing, but the town has suffered because of it. The carcasses of these dogs were seen all over town and were buried under piles of garbage. Additionally, there is concern that the poison will affect humans, so many have been trying to bury the dogs to avoid exposure to humans.

The animal welfare organization in India has shot back at people who have publicly stated that the dogs deserve to die because of their vicious attack on the young child. They believe that there are so many stray dogs around Satara because there has not been any proper sterilization control for the dogs, even with Animal Welfare organizations urging officials to let them. The president of the organization said that if the council allowed them to continue the sterilization process on the dogs, the incident would have never occurred. In 2008, the animal birth control program that was established was dismissed after the Satara council chose to reject the idea. Since the attack, the program has been brought back due to the awful attack on these strays.

Please sign this petition to make Satara officials investigate the mysterious poisoning of 200 stray dogs in Satara and to tell the people of India that a stable sterilization program is critical in protecting humans and animals alike.


Dear Mr. Abhijeet Bapat – Chief Executive Officer, Satara Council,

It is very saddening to hear that a young child from Satara was killed due to an attack by a pack of dogs. Though it may be easy to just blame the dogs for the incident, the blame would not be supportable. The revenge killing of 200 stray dogs was not only illegal, but a horribly unjustified attack. The focus of the attack needs to be put on the Satara Council.

There was a successful sterilization program in place before 2008 that helped lessen the number of stray dogs, but since the council decided to close the program, a huge number of stray dogs started roaming the streets of Satara. If the council did not stop the successful sterilization of the stray dogs, then the attack on the young child would have never happened. Without proper sterilization, more of these types of attacks will occur.

Please help us protect the dogs and people of Satara by implementing the sterilization program and convicting the person in charge of the poisoning of the 200 stray dogs.


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Photo Credit: Audrey via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    This is so sad. Dogs are loyal loving creatures that deserve love, respect and protection. I hope that the scums who did this pay ten fold for killing this innocent dogs.


  3. Debbie Bemister says:

    This is horrible treatment of our most loyal friends. Dogs are beautiful loyal creatures that need our love and care. I never thought that India would be as barbaric as Greece, Romania, or Indonesia (to name but a few). I was wrong. Shame on you India.

  4. First of all, children or anyone should learn to never run away from a stray dog! A dogs natural reaction is to chase, so he will chase something moving! Its not the dogs fault!!! You never ever touch a dog! The boy shouldve just stay calm & assertive. People should learn how to interpret dogs body language & the steps to not get attacked. They should also be prepared for example with an umbrella. Not to hit with it but just to scare.

  5. This is barbaric, inhumane and cruel which cannot be accepted in today’s world! You should be civilized enough to understand that this is not the fault of the dogs. You can never do that to the dogs that cannot speak to defend themselves. If that’s what you Indians are handling this case, then does it mean that if you suspect that some one had killed that child, then the whole country of Indians got to be put to death as well? You idiots – SHAME ON YOU!

  6. Patricia Wicker says:

    This is so Sad!!! So Sadistic and Cruel!!!
    What is wrong with you people??????

  7. Chris Speechly says:

    Is this the India from which Gandhi spoke of respect and intelligent treatment of animals?
    Sounds like it’s safer to be a woman than a dog there. Smarten up! Evolve morons!

  8. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    Uneducated!!!! disrespectful towards God’s Creatures. One day when you are treated like this, then remember what YOU did here on earth to God’s creatures – YOU WILL for sure pay the price for the cruelty unto God’s precious creatures!! Remember this please!

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