Don’t Let Zoo Euthanize Elephant Who Isn’t Suffering

Target: Mark Loomis, Interim Executive Director of the Oregon Zoo Foundation

Goal: Continue to treat Packy the elephant’s tuberculosis as long as he is not suffering, rather than have him euthanized.

Two anonymous employees at the Oregon Zoo have leaked insider information that zoo management may be planning to euthanize Packy, the zoo’s oldest Asian elephant. According to zoo officials’ past statements, Packy is struggling with a reoccurring bout of antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis. However, the zoo has also confirmed that Packy is still able to function normally in his day-to-day life with no evidence of suffering, making the alleged decision to euthanize him extremely questionable.

Packy is very unlikely to be transferred to an elephant sanctuary in lieu of euthanasia due to the highly infectious nature of tuberculosis. Instead, the Oregon Zoo should give him a fighting chance at recovery as long as he is not suffering. Ask that the zoo continue to try to find an effective treatment for Packy rather than euthanize him.


Dear Mr. Loomis,

If the Oregon Zoo’s rumored plans to euthanize Packy are indeed true, I ask that the zoo administration reconsider. Euthanasia should be reserved for animals who are suffering tremendously, but based on statements released by Oregon Zoo itself, Packy does not yet seem to fit that description.

Packy’s battle with tuberculosis is deeply unfortunate, but until it has proven so detrimental to his quality of life that it would be considered more compassionate to put him down, he deserves another chance to come back from this disease. While it might be more financially convenient to euthanize Packy rather than pursue treatment, I would hope that Oregon Zoo’s first priority is saving animals, not saving money. Please give Packy a chance to live.


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Photo credit: Francisco Herrera

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  1. KatWrangler says:

    Packy has become the proverbial White Elephant. He is no longer on “display”, so I guess they don’t feel he’s earning his keep.
    After being BORN at the zoo, and LIVING his ENTIRE life on concrete, Packy has outlived his usefulness. What BS!
    His drug-resistant TB is not causing him to suffer.

    Who knows how long Packy has left, but the Oregon Zoo needs to thank him for his DECADES of servitude, and send him to the Performing Animal Welfare Society’s (PAWS) sanctuary in California, where he can experience what being an elephant is really about.

    • Jodi Stevens says:

      This is why I don’t go to zoos!!! These animals belong in their own habitat. To me this is Animal cruelty!

    • Yes, this petition didn’t go far enough – wasn’t even demanding Packy be allowed to go to PAWS, and NOT left in the soul-less hands of any inherently exploitative Animal Prison!

      And they already did the moral-less deed, I see. I hope Packy haunts them all!

  2. laurence haubtmann says:

    Le zoo de l oregon a fait euthanasier PACKY ce jour le 9 fevrier 2017 Triste vie !!! il avait 54 ans passer sur un sol en beton qui lui a fait des plaies sur le cote de la tete et des fissures aux pieds ,,,pas d herbes dans ce zoo pour ce magnifique elephant Il n ont pas voulut payer un transfert vers un sanctuaire !!!!Trop cher ???? Aucun animal ne merite cette vie en prison Je hais ces gens qui ont profiter de lui sans respect des soins a lui donner .

  3. Andrea Ferguson says:

    I believe he has already been euthanized.

  4. sadly Packy was put to sleep on February 9th

  5. Candy Niewinski says:

    Packy was Euthanized on the 9th because the the TB treatments would have had side effects that would have been very hard on him and his TB would eventually get worse. RIP Packy

  6. The euthanizing of Packy the elephant was an inexcusable choice! He should have been sent to PAWS sanctuary, where he could have had some peace and comfort–unlike his years spent on concrete at the Oregon zoo.

  7. TOO LATE!

    they euthanized him yesterday, probably before petitions or social media interest could make a difference……just wrong and unforgivable.

  8. Ellis Toscano says:


  9. Animals are not ours for entertainment to eat or to wear. We are their guardians and their voice. Heartbreaking.

  10. Pétition Signée & Partagée Signed & Shared Frima Asscine

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