Save Wolf Family from Shooters


Target: Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission

Goal: Call off murderous plan to unnecessarily kill an innocent wolf pack

*This petition is in collaboration with Care2, thereby allowing all signatures to appear in a single location.

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  1. It’s not just an animal it’s a life…God gave man the responsibility to be stewards of the earth and every living thing upon it. All life is sacred and has the right to live. Just because these animals are not putting money in someones pocket does not mean they must be put to death. Greed over life…how very sad and shameful for humans…

  2. Laureen D'Alessandro says:

    animals are not ours to abuse or exploit

  3. Gordon MacDonald says:

    A wolf pack could soon be slaughtered because government officials are bowing to the demands of the politically powerful livestock industry. Demand that these wild animals be allowed to live their lives in peace.

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