Puppy Thrown From Third Story Terrace Deserves Justice

Target: Dr. Sharad Singh Negi, Chairman, Animal Welfare Board of India & Special Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change

Goal: Protect stray dogs from rampant cruelty in India.

A 3-month-old puppy is dead after being brutally thrown from a terrace in Chembur, India. A necropsy revealed severe damage to the dog’s internal organs and listed internal bleeding as the cause of death. A resident said that they heard the barking of a dog followed by a loud thud. When they looked outside, they saw the animal struggling to get up. When they reached the puppy to try to help it, the animal was already dead.

A large population of stray dogs paired with lax animal welfare laws in India has resulted in rampant abuse of dogs. Just last year, another dog was thrown from a roof by a man who laughed maniacally as he took a video of the act and posted it to social media. The dog in that incident was much more fortunate than this one — it lived. In other cases, stray dogs have been brutally beaten to death in the streets or even poisoned en masse.

This type of brutality will continue in India until animal welfare is taken more seriously by both the courts and the authorities. In order to prevent this all-too-common cruelty, it is imperative that animal welfare laws are improved. Sign the petition below to demand that legislators end this cruelty by creating more stringent animal protection laws.


Dear Dr. Negi,

A 3-month-old puppy was recently thrown from a third story terrace in Chembur. The dog suffered severe damage to its internal organs and died of internal bleeding. A witness to the incident heard barking followed by a thud. When the witness went to investigate further, they saw the dog struggle to get up before it took its last breath.

Cruelty to animals, especially stray dogs, is rampant in India due to lax animal protection laws. These barbaric acts will continue until legislators and police start taking cruelty to animals more seriously. We, the undersigned, demand that you advocate for improved protections for all animals in India, particularly stray dogs.


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Photo credit: Amiya Shrivastava

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