Punish Man Accused of Burning Dog Alive

Target: Paul J. Gains, Prosecuting Attorney for Mahoning County, Ohio

Goal: Demand justice for dog allegedly burned alive by intoxicated man.

A man has been charged with cruelty to animals and animal torture after allegedly burning a dog alive. Chad Karka of Alliance, Ohio reportedly beat the helpless animal and threw into a fire pit. Prior to this incident, neighbors reported seeing the same dog limping around the yard as if it was injured. Police suspect that drugs or alcohol were involved.

Neighbors that witnessed the gruesome scene say that Karka first put a limp dog onto the fire. The dog then regained consciousness and started to run around the yard, its fur on fire. Karka then reportedly chased the burning and yelping animal around before catching it and throwing it on top of a fire ring. He then hit the dog with a wooden board and placed boxes on top of it to keep it from escaping. When police arrived, the dog was already dead.

Neighbors were horrified, saying that anyone that could act so savagely toward an animal could also turn on a human. So far, it is unknown whether the dog belonged to Karka or if it was someone else’s pet.

This shocking act displayed malice and deliberate cruelty. In order to ensure that no ore animals are subjected to this torture, it is imperative that Karka is punished harshly and banned from handling animals, if found guilty. Sign the petition below to demand the maximum possible penalty in this case.


Dear Mr. Gains,

A dog was recently found dead by police officers who responded to allegations of a man throwing the animal into a fire pit. Neighbors say that he first placed the limp animal onto the fire pit, but it woke up and began to run around the yard, its fur alight. Witnesses allege that the man then chased the dog around the yard before catching it, beating it on the head with a wooden plank, and putting it back into the fire. He then allegedly placed objects on top of the dog so that it could not escape again.

This type of blatant and deliberate cruelty is shocking and must be punished harshly. We, the undersigned, ask that you seek to punish the person responsible for this gruesome crime to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Paul Gains
    this sub human needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He
    would suffer the most by putting him in solitary confinement for the rest of
    his life. Give him only a blanket to sleep on the floor, a bucket for a toilet,
    hose him down for a bath once a week, one pr of clothing per month.No
    visitors,no outdoor activities,no phone,radio,newspapers,magazines, t.v.
    Just let him sit there a rot. Only give him enough food and water to be
    kept alive.


    • Yeah, what he did was BEYOND, this is the worst. How come witnesses didn’t stop the thing, it took some time… PLUCK this guy out of the midst of normal folk, he’s a walking time bomb, a walking TIME BOMB… At this point I DO feel inclined to say send him to the gallows, but not without putting him on the BBQ first, and that is anger speaking.

    • I agree….how could they just stand by and watch!! The dog didn’t have to die!!

  3. elizabeth tangvatchrin says:

    This is America, supposedly one of the most advanced, civilized nations on earth and still we have barbaric bastards causing heinous deaths to so many poor animals. Governmental officials need to stop turning a blind eye to his savagery and beef up laws so innocent animals of all types can be better treated, protected. Any one who abuses animals should be punished harshly. If not, we are as good as those folks from countries we call Third World countries. Shame on Americans for the hell they cause to animals, including their own pets. Are we better than the Asians who broil, boil, skin alive dogs and cats. Are we?

  4. the same treatment to him

  5. Skin that pos alive! What a monster! I hope Karma will get this lowlife, evil creep soon! And I agree with other posters who commented on why these witnesses did nothing to help this poor dog? You couldn’t even yell out to this monster that he better stop because we’ve called the police?! That poor dog did not have to die such a horrible death! I like to stick this creep’s head in a fire pit and hold it there!

  6. What a vile person he is! PUNISH HIM TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!

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