Two Horses Dead in Rodeo–Demand Investigation

Target: Betsy Price, Fort Worth, Texas Mayor

Goal: Shut down the rodeo at the Fort Worth Stock Show and open an investigation into the causes of death for two horses.

Video footage showing two separate horses careening into a wall during a Texas rodeo show captured the final terrifying moments of both equines’ lives. Both animals were killed in shockingly similar ways, only weeks apart from each other. The rodeo claims that injuries are extremely rare, and that the deaths were not related. However, given the track record of animal abuse at rodeos, and the methods used, which can cause horses to injure themselves, it would seem plausible that more horses could be at risk.

One of the methods used to provoke docile horses into bucking is the use of spur and flank straps which irritate the animal into behaving more “wildly.” As a result, frantic horses may injure themselves seriously, breaking ribs or limbs, puncturing lungs or sustaining other internal damage. Conceivably, a horse might buck without awareness of its surroundings, which possibly could have led to the fatal head-first collisions seen in both videos. However, more information is needed regarding what equipment was used and how the riders and handlers were working with both horses.

Texan officials must intervene and shut down this rodeo until such investigations can be made and changes put in place to prevent future fatalities. Sign this petition to call for justice for these horses.


Dear Mayor Price,

The recent incidents at the Fort Worth Stock Show, where two horses recently died, are alarming. The recorded footage for both incidents is disturbing to watch, but reveals that both horses appeared to die in very similar ways within weeks of each other. The rodeo has claimed that such incidents are extremely rare and owes the timing to chance, but more assurances must be made to ensure that the horses at the rodeo show will not be put at risk.

There is a long history of animal abuse in the rodeo circuit, with a variety of methods employed to provoke animals through irritation or pain into bucking or thrashing more for entertainment value. These methods can be harmful to the livestock, and result in a wide variety of serious injuries, from broken bones to ruptured organs.

The city of Fort Worth should be vigilant against such abuse where it may be occurring. These deaths must be investigated or more horses could face the same fate. The rodeo show should not continue until the circumstances surrounding these deaths are known and changes put in place to prevent incidents such as this in the future. I am asking you to intervene on behalf of the animals, who should not have to die for human entertainment.


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  1. Can you get your jollies & entertainment some other way WITHOUT abusing & killing horses! — This so-called “sport” does NOT benefit the horses whatsoever! — to allow such cruel brutality to be inflicted on our horses is insane, irrational, immoral, merciless, depravedly indifferent, unconscionable — ARE YOU NOT ASHAMED — clear-thinking, rational, compassionate people would NEVER allow such suffering on our horses. — REMEMBER : …the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by people from the cruelty of humans.

  2. Guillaume LAURENCIN says:

    Evermind old traditions, stop that

  3. Don’t teach evil to the next generation. Rodeos should be illegal world-wide. They are simply entertainment for sadists and will influence children and youths to see violence against anyone as OK as long as it pulls a profit or attracts a gang of onlookers. God won’t exuse this as an innocent sin that you are allowing.

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