Stop Torturing Rodeo Animals

Target: John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand

Goal: Stop beating animals, shocking them with electric prods, and other cruel practices allegedly taking place at rodeos.

A video has surfaced of multiple acts of animal cruelty and endangerment at a rodeo in New Zealand. The part that makes this even worse, is that the New Zealand government does not have any restrictions on the treatment or keeping of the animals. The rodeo claims it adheres to the Rodeo Code of Welfare, but some of the behavior captured on the video appears to violate this standard.

In the video, calves and adult cows are seen apparently being being shocked with electric prods, which breaks the code the rodeo supposedly adheres to. Calves are also allegedly being thrown onto the grown and forcefully wrestled down as is common in calf roping events, and other animals in the videos are noticeably afraid, trying to escape their enclosures and handlers. These animals are being treated terribly all for the sake of human entertainment. This needs to be stopped.

The government of New Zealand has to create new restrictions on rodeos and how they treat the animals in their custody. No animals deserve to be treated this way, and especially not for pure human entertainment.

Sign this petition to make sure New Zealand starts protecting their rodeo animals.


Dear Prime Minister Key,

A rodeo in New Zealand has recently been exposed for beating and electrocuting animals in their care. The rodeo claims that it adheres to the Rodeo Code of Welfare, but they seem to be openly violating it. Last year a committee in your government opted to put no restrictions on rodeos, this even though in 2015 the Ministry for Primary Industries filmed at least seven rodeos breaking the codes which they supposedly follow.

Your government must reform its laws on rodeos, and ban certain activities, if not the practice entirely. Much of the population in your country has already made clear they support a ban on rodeos. Why not support the values of your citizens, instead of supporting this harmful and inhumane industry? Animals are being beaten and degraded every day that these rodeos continue to function how they are.

Use your power to protect the animals in rodeos. Show the population that you support their interests over a select few’s. Force these rodeos to reform their treatment of animals, or shut them down.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Skarabeusz

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  1. Gigi Middlebrook says:

    I grew up in Texas where rodeos are a way of life. Until I actually attended one and saw how these poor calfs and bulls are treated, I have never gone again and will never do so. This type of animal entertainment hurts the animals and should be ended. It doesn’t show the strength of a man when torture is involved.

    • Stella Waldvogel says:

      I’m in central Texas and I don’t attend, either. But a neighbor told me that a few years ago a calf was injured so badly that it had to be put down.

  2. “Rodeo Code of WELFARE”??? Is that a joke?! There IS no true “welfare” in rodeo, period, anywhere. For examples of the lowlifes who embody this (hack-hack-cough-sputter) ‘sport,’ see:

  3. simon hooper says:

    dirty cruel bastards its good when these scum get hurt.

  4. rose brooks says:

    Is this what you call sport in new zealand? No, it is not sport, it is moronic cruelty. If these so called men want to try out their strength I suggest they fight each other. Fairer and more of a test than fighting incapacitated animals. Get some laws put in place and catch up with civilisation.

  5. Debra Diana says:

    It’s to bad that these animals can’t do the same abusive acts to these humans! Rodeos should be banned everywhere. There is so excuse for this behavior. They will have to answer for this in the end. Entertainment? SICK…

  6. Lynne danieli says:

    Disgusting sub humans, torturing animals for their so called entertainment. Ban it NOW! I feel ashamed to be part of the human race. Everyday more and more abuse of these innocent animals, makes me feel so down.

  7. Cynthia Mattera says:

    A rodeo is not MANLY, how manly is it for a 275 lb man to chase a terrified calf, rope it, and slam it to the ground??? I hate rodeos. These need to be banned in every country. Animal abuse, and cruelty at its finest!
    Hello….this is NOT entertainment!


  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗?

  10. Yeh ALL these inbreed idiots that torture farm animals for a living & fun need a big sharp horn right up their ass, that’s where their brains are anyway, then they will be BRAIN DEAD!!!! YEY!!!!!!

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