Demand Army Fort Spare Goats’ Lives

Target: General Heather Pringle, Fort Sam Houston Brigadier

Goal: Stop torturing and killing animals for trauma training and begin using human simulators.

Combat medics at Fort Sam Houston could soon be shooting, stabbing, mutilating and killing goats as trauma practice. There are alternative methods available that do not harm any animals and it is time to start utilizing them.

Animals used for military trauma training are shot, stabbed, burned, have holes cut into them, have limbs severed from their bodies, have bones broken and even have landmines blast in their vicinity to inflict injury. It is incredibly barbaric and this inhumane practice can be avoided.

Thanks to modern technology, there are now high-tech human simulators that not only cause no harm, but are also more effective and cost efficient than using animals. Many bases have already started using these simulators and it is time to make them the norm. Sign this petition to demand Fort Sam Houston spare goats from unnecessary pain and torture and begin using human simulators.


Dear General Pringle,

It recently came to my attention that your fort is allegedly torturing and killing goats for trauma practice. This cruel practice is outdated and incredibly inhumane. It is time to start utilizing the high tech human simulators that are now available.

Animals used in military trauma face unimaginable horrors. They are stabbed, shot, cut, burned, have limbs severed, have broken bones, and have landmines blast next to them. These animals endure this torture until they are killed. However, thanks to modern technology, human simulators are now available to use. Many other forts have started utilizing them and it is time Fort Sam Houston does as well. Not only would this spare animals from unnecessary pain and death, but the simulators are also more effective and cost efficient.

Please consider no longer torturing innocent animals and make the compassionate choice to use human simulators.


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  1. Linda Amundson says:

    As an American, I DO NOT support any of our military when it involves cruelty to animals. These practices are old school, outdated, and have excellent alternatives today. I realize that being a female in the military you might have to act ‘tougher’ to get ahead but cruelty like this is just cruelty, not toughness. Be a true leader and end this barbaric, unnecessary cruelty. I can’t believe the U.S. military STILL thinks this is okay to do. Again, I DO NOT SUPPORT this animal cruelty allegedly for the sake of the U.S. military. That’s just not true at all.

  2. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    I think that they do it for entertainment. There is no other reason.

  3. Karen Tipping says:


    There’s alternatives and plenty of them its 2017 for christs sake. Arseholes.

  4. Caryl Sawyer says:

    Ex-military, so I know what a farce this is. My tax dollars supporting a bunch of psychopaths! And the losers in Congress do nothing.

  5. Tina shurtleff says:

    To torture an animal for a simulation is disgusting and unnecessary. I have been in the medical field and we never used animals in any of our classes. The biology is different and so are the results. Goats are sweet playful animals that do not deserve to be tortured.

  6. A suggestion: how about using people who’ve been convicted of animal abuse?

  7. Gigi Middlebrook says:

    There is alternative training which does not involve injuring and or killing an animal. Check out Doctors for Responsible Medicine who have saved hundreds of animals from this type of training with alternative methods.

  8. Completely disgusting how its seen ok to take a life. Whoever made this standard practice should take the poor animals place thats all the vile people are good for. Makes me sick

  9. rose brooks says:

    I can’t believe I’m reading this! Barbaric, mindless cruelty! Human simulators must be used!This is 2017 not the middle ages. You are an inhumane disgrace.

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