Stop Christian Rock Band From Performing at SeaWorld

Target: John Cooper, Lead Singer of Skillet

Goal: Don’t perform at SeaWorld in order to increase attendance.

Due to increased public awareness and documentaries like Blackfish, SeaWorld’s attendance has plummeted. In order to increase numbers, SeaWorld will be hosting another Christian music festival dubbed Praise Wave.

Many singers have canceled their performances with this cruel amusement park including Martina McBride, Willie Nelson and Trace Adkins. Skillet should follow suit and not support a company that steals wild animals from their homes in order to perform tricks in front of large, jeering crowds.

Sign this petition and demand that Skillet cancel its plans with SeaWorld.


Dear Mr. Cooper,

Your band is planning on performing at SeaWorld’s Christian music festival, Praise Wave. SeaWorld is using Praise Wave as a chance to increase attendance since it has been dropping in recent years.

The reason for the drop in attendance is because of increased public awareness of the atrocities that happen behind the scenes at SeaWorld. Wild animals are ripped away from their families and homes to be put into small tanks. Also, they are often used for entertainment and are forced to do tricks in front of large, jeering crowds.

Please consider canceling your plans with SeaWorld. Many singers have already canceled their performances after hearing about the cruelty SeaWorld inflicts including Martina McBride, Willie Nelson and Trace Adkins. Please consider doing the same and not supporting a company that profits off exploiting God’s creatures.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Yathin S Krishnappa

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  1. KatWrangler says:

    I’m not a fan of animal abuse in general, but Sea World does so much positive rescues of marine mammals, sea turtles, birds, and other animals.

    Putting Sea World out of business might be a major mistake. Please do some educating and see the negative impact Sea World’s demise would cause. There are NO other groups with the ability and funds to fill the void.

    I can not in good conscience sing this petition.

  2. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Baha’i Writings ~ “To the blessed animals, however, the utmost kindness should be exercised: the more the better it will be. Man is generally sinful and the animal is innocent”….” the universe of God is a wonderful theatre upon the stage of which every created thing plays its part.”
    Hadith No. 557 ~ ”O Allah’s Apostle! Is there a reward for us in serving the animals? He replied: Yes, there is a reward for serving any animate.”
    Proverbs 12.10 ~ A righteous man has regard for the life of his animals.
    Psalm 34:16 ~ The face of the LORD is against them that do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth. God created all the animals
    Psalm 50:10 ~God cares for the animals. “Jesus said: ‘are not the five sparrows sold for two copper coins and not one of them is forgotten before God.
    Psalm 104 ~ All animals belong to God.
    The Bible repeatedly affirms that all creation participates in the praise of God, and each living thing has a part in God’s great purposes.
    Mahatma Gandhi ~ “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    Buddha ~ “It is more important to prevent animal suffering, rather than sit to contemplate the evils of the universe praying in the company of priests.”
    Pythagoras ~ “For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”

  3. Debra Diana says:

    Why would this Christian band play somewhere that tortured God’s creatures? Shame on them! Please cancel.

  4. I am a animal rights person. I do a lot for the rehabilitation and preservation of many wildlife animals.
    Although sea world may have made mistakes in the past, they have made much progress in recent years to make things better. They do so much and spent so much money for the care and rescue of marine life. Attempting to put them out of business would be detrimental in so many ways. I will NOT sign a petition to prevent concerts at the park especially Christian organizations! I think you people are taking this way too far. Please find another cause to prevent.

  5. Linda Amundson says:

    Glad to sign and share this petition. Shameful how people persist in defending SeaWorld. Probably employees. What SeaWorld has done to Lolita for over 45 years is unforgiveable. It’s also not a “mistake” or “in the past.” They are SCUM. If you think SeaWorld cares about anything but profit, you’re a fool.

    • Completely agree!People are ignoring the fact that these Animals should NOT be taken from the wild&put into captivity,PERIOD.They r taken from their natural homes,and drugged,abused for stupid human’s “entertainment”.Would any of these ppl defending Sea World like to be dragged away from their homes/families & “forced” 2 perform tricks? I doubt it.If Sea World wouldn’t steal them from the ocean 4 their own selfish purpose,which is to make lots of $$$,there would be no need to ‘rehabilitate” them-DUH!NO park can “replicate”an Animal’s natural home,and being “drugged up” on Valium &other abuses committed hardly makes Sea World a place that truly cares about Animal Welfare!And a CHRISTIAN band should know better,that we r called by God to take care of the Animals.If they r not aware of what truly goes on in these places,they need to educate themselves& do some real research before committing to performing there.Don’t let $ win -out over their Christianity.


    I prefer the old rockbands, they never did !
    The have had more spine – till today.

  7. rose brooks says:

    Does this band know anything about Seaworld? Remind them that these are God’s creatures, not entertainment for the small minded. Give a christian example and boycott this place.

  8. SeaWorld is nothing, but a despicable company that holds intelligent aquatic animals captive in tiny, cement prisons, and does absolutely nothing to improve their lives in any important way. Tilikum, a majestic orca, recently died after a miserable 33 years in a concrete tank.

    Some other examples of SeaWorld’s maltreatment of animals are:
    1. Splitting up the mothers and their children;
    2. Placing orcas in groups that are incompatible with each other;
    3. Keeping animals for life at SeaWorld and, as a result, they often become, among other things, aggressive and self-destructive.

    The Miami Dolphins, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, STA Travel, Taco Bell, Hyundai, and, most recently, Mattel, as well as many others have severed their ties to SeaWorld after hearing from their concerned customers.

    Furthermore, numerous musical acts such as Willie Nelson, Trisha Yearwood, Barenaked Ladies, and so many more have cancelled concert series. As well, artists like Savage Garden, Joan Jett, and Edgar Winter have publicly called on SeaWorld to stop using their music in its orca shows due to the marine animals’ natural sensitivity to sound. I ask that you please unite with the countless performers who have cancelled their events at SeaWorld.

    The Lord called on us to be caretakers of these animals; not to make their lives ones of misery. There are many venues in which to witness to others about the love of God besides SeaWorld. Please choose another. Thank you.

  9. Jenna Harmon says:

    Thanks you to Jacqueline Smith who wrote the previous comment. I could not have said it better.

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