Demand Neutrogena Stop Testing on Animals

Target: Jan Hall, Neutrogena President

Goal: Stop the testing of animals for all chemicals used in Neutrogena’s products.

Neutrogena, a brand owned by Johnson & Johnson, has had a long history of testing various substances and chemicals on animals in spite of misleading product labeling which appears to state otherwise. As a result, the company has been blacklisted by PETA for these practices. Cosmetics testing on animals is truly horrific, resulting in an untold amount of suffering and deaths annually through gruesome means such as force-feeding, injections and vivisection.

Lab testing on animals is inhumane and unnecessary. Test subjects are often provided substandard care and are forced to endure painful experimentation, such as the application of caustic substances to their eyes or under their skin. The injuries these creatures sustain are rarely treated, and once these animals have outlived their usefulness they are killed. These animals are treated like replaceable commodities, not individuals with the capacity to suffer. The sad irony is that due to the genetic and biological differences between humans and animals, animal testing cannot be considered 100 percent effective or reliable.

Neutrogena has tried to distance themselves from this through misleading labeling on their products. Many of their creams, lotions, and other personal care goods state that they were “not tested on animals.” This does not, however, mean that a product is necessarily cruelty-free. It merely suggests that the finished product was not tested on animals, but many component chemicals and substances continue to be tested on their own in labs.

Many companies no longer test on animals, and for good reason. The practice is outdated, given there are many far more reliable means of testing available now which do not include animals. We also now know of a large number of chemicals and substances that have been proven safe that cosmetics companies can freely use. Neutrogena should take a cue from other successful personal care brands like Aveda and Physician’s Formula that do not test on animals, and from the over 50 percent of American adults who state that they are against animal testing.

Cosmetics animal testing is cruel and pointless. Sign below to demand that Neutrogena unequivocally ends lab testing on animals for all chemicals and all products for good.


Dear Ms. Hall,

Animal testing for cosmetics is a cruel and unnecessary procedure. Despite claims which indicate finished products have not been tested on animals, it is known for a fact that your company continues testing various chemicals and substances on animals. Animal testing results in unimaginable suffering for so many living creatures, with little to no benefit passed on to the consumer.

Please join other major cosmetics companies that have already disavowed this barbaric practice. We know of many alternative ways to test products which have shown to be far more reliable. It is time to do away with cruelty-based testing means. I demand you cease laboratory testing on animals, and commit to cruelty-free methods for all of your products.


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  1. Catherine emerson says:

    Are these idiots doing the same tests over and over again every year.

  2. Anne Moeller says:

    Do the same testing on Jan Hall and the entire staff and let them suffer like these innocent animals did- I hope they feel the same or MORE pain. AnneMoeller

  3. Maria Mahyorova says:

    That’s why I boycott any Johnson & Johnson’s products.

  4. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    I will no longer use this product. The worst part is that they lie and cover up the abuse saying not tested on animals while people who make the chemicals are doing it for them. These tests are no longer needed either. You can look up the info.

  5. michelle taylor says:

    Lets make this disgusting animal abusing company go abnkrupt!

  6. michelle taylor says:

    Lets make this disgusting animal abusing company go bankrupt!

  7. Please stop this horrific abuse. Animal cruelty will not be tolerated. People will stop buying your products. Please I am begging you please stop this. Please.

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