Dog Found With Nose and Ears Cut Off Needs Justice

Target: Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette

Goal: Justice for dog whose nose and ears were brutally cut off.

A Rottweiler named Baron was found with his nose and ears cut off as well as wounds on his tail and back legs. Despite the dog’s survival, his quality of life is certain to be severely lessened after such a maiming. The perpetrator has yet to be found, and the Humane Society urges anyone with information to call them as soon as possible. We cannot simply wait around for that to happen, though, as it is unknown whether or not there were witnesses to the act.

The maiming of this poor dog must not go unpunished. The rise in animal cruelty in this day and age is completely unacceptable, and while the dog was lucky enough to survive, it should not have been attacked in the first place. Animals are not just lower-class beings who exist for humans to torture, they are living creatures. We cannot simply wait for someone to call the Humane Society, we must involve the law to the fullest extent. Animal abuse is a crime, and abusers must be punished as swiftly and severely as possible.

This animal deserves justice, and we must ask the law to aid the Humane Society in seeking it. Sign this petition to demand full justice for this poor dog and the swift punishment of its attacker.


Dear Attorney General Schuette,

An innocent dog was brutally maimed, his ears and nose cut off, and his back legs and tail severely wounded. The dog is alive, thankfully, but his quality of life will be lessened and the perpetrator of this crime has not been found. The Humane Society is urging anyone with information on this individual to call them, but you must help them seek justice for this poor dog as well.

Please do everything in your power to search for this twisted abuser. Do everything you can to find them, detain them and ensure they face justice. There has been a spike in cruelty against animals lately, and it must not be allowed to continue. Please aid the Humane Society by putting out a search for the perpetrator so that this poor dog’s suffering has not been in vain.


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Photo Credit: Michigan Humane Society

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  1. Marianne Mansour says:

    I agree, the low life that did this should be punished…and yet, every day we do the same to farm animals! De-beaking, tail docking, blow torching hair off milking cows, taking out pig’s testicles by hand….de-horning cows. Humans are the worst species on this earth.

  2. OMG – find who did this and cut all of their limb off! Sick and evil SOB!


  4. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Time to snip off the bastards little skin tag between his legs❗?
    Signed & shared ?

  5. S. L. Trout says:

    The level of depravity and violence associated with animal cruelty is frighteningly increasing. This is a very, very sick individual. Imagine holding this essentially defenseless creature and cutting off his ears and nose. It’s beyond my ability to comprehend. “It” is extremely dangerous and anyone who takes issue with my opinion is in need of serious counseling. Would you want your daughter dating someone like this? Or perhaps watching your children? What makes you think there’s some magical inner switch that someone like this can turn off and on, depending on the species it’s with? Think about it? “It” needs to be tracked down and eliminated. Society doesn’t need demons like this.


  7. I don’t call them “humans”. I call them subhuman demonic refuse. The scale of pain they inflicted upon an animal that did nothing to deserve it disturbs me to no end. That picture keeps running in my mind since I saw it and makes me livid.

  8. Please find this evil psychopath and give her/him the maximum penalty. This animal torturer must have her/his name registered on animal abuser websites.

  9. You piece of garbage, well find you.

  10. This makes me livid to think that someone can hurt an animal tothis extend!! Just how sick & twisted is this piece of shit!! The next will most definately be a child!! I can not comprehend such cruelty!! Find this piece of shit and make them pay!!

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