Demand Horrific Zoo is Shut Down

Target: Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Minister of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia

Goal: Shut down zoo where animals allegedly starve and are forced to eat their own feces.

The Bandung Zoo in Indonesia has allegedly been neglecting its animals. The animal welfare group, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, has been monitoring the zoo for years and has told it to improve the treatment of its animals. Unfortunately, the zoo has ignored these requests.

The bears at the zoo are apparently so emaciated that their ribs are clearly visible. They beg visitors for food and have allegedly even eaten their own feces due to their hunger. A giraffe at the zoo suddenly died and during the autopsy, forty pounds of plastic was found in his stomach. As if these incidents are not horrible enough, an endangered elephant recently passed away after visitors claimed to have seen her visibly weeping, sick and shackled to the ground.

Sign this petition and demand this zoo is shut down immediately. It is a true house of horrors for the animals imprisoned there.


Dear Ms. Bakar,

The Bandung Zoo has allegedly been neglected its animals for years and many are concerned. The animal welfare group, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, has been monitoring the zoo and what it is reporting is disturbing.

Several animals have died while in the Bandung Zoo’s care and these deaths seemingly could have been avoided. A giraffe at the zoo died suddenly and forty pounds of plastic was found in his stomach. An endangered elephant recently passed after visitors claimed to have seen her visibly weeping, sick and shackled to the ground. The bears at the zoo are so emaciated that their ribs are clearly visible. They beg for food and have allegedly become so desperate they eat their own feces. It is only a matter of time before they will die as well.

Please consider shutting down this cruel zoo. No animal should be forced into this life for mere human entertainment. It is time to give these animals the life the deserve and bring them to a sanctuary.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: greissdesign

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  1. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    What the hell is going on there? Why haven’t these animals been taken away or the current owners/caretakers, been arrested already?
    One death is bad enough, but this is heinously horrific!
    Get urgent help for these emaciated innocent animals now, today, please.
    The world is watching very closely.

  2. rose brooks says:

    This is not a zoo. it’s a torture chamber! I am weeping just to think of the inhumane treatment these poor creatures are going through. Starved, abused,chained- abysmally housed- could it get worse? Let those who have survived go and live out the remainder of their lives in peace and comfort in a sanctuary-you should never have animals, you bring shame on Indonesia.

    • Stacey Dunton says:

      I cry every day for these animals. I want to gather them all up and take care of them myself. Because of our new administration, it will only get worse.They don’t care. Those of us who do should find a way to pull together for those who need us most.I have my dog laying on my feet right now and He is more cherished than anyone.All we can do for the zoo animals is to love them and give what we can.

      • David Lavery says:

        It upsets me as well, there are too many of these kind of zoos all over the world, the worst part of it is knowing that you want to stop it but cant. But people cant give up speaking for animals however upsetting it is, that would be wrong.

  3. louis gauci says:

    We should write directly to the Minister/authorities of Indonesia demanding the closure not only of the Bandung Zoo, bit of all Zoos in their country. Animals in other Zoos are suffering as in this Zoo. We should urge them to Pass the Animal Welfare laws that are still lacking in Indonesia.

  4. Janice Meyer says:

    The officials in Indonesia should be embarrassed and ashamed of the condition of the animals that are left. Many have already died due to starvation and neglect. Is there something they these heartless people don’t understand. I’d love to put them in the zoo where the other animals are and let them beg for food because they are so hungry, they are eating their own feces. This is inexcusable and intolerable. We must go there and get these animals immediately. I don’t see why the government would stop anybody who wanted to help them because they are almost dead anyway and it won’t be long before there are no visitors to the zoo, because there will be no animals for them to see. How ignorant can one nation of people can be. No wonder they are still a third world country. They are known to have no compassion and being hard and cold people. What a waste of resources if these people don’t have any insight or depth of character. I am disgusted with Indonesian people as a whole. Somebody must be able to do something about this. It’s time they are forced to close this zoo and give the animals to a compassionate organization who will take the animals to a place where they can recuperate from such horrendous treatment and be given nourishment, and veterinarian care. The US should assume that Indonesia doesn’t exist and give them no help at all as long as they are such horrible people.

  5. Angela Rabon says:

    Below, is a link to a petition to try to help the animals in the Bandung Zoo. In addition, the person who started the petition, has contacted a sanctuary that has stated they will take the bears from the zoo. The bears are in such bad shape that they are begging for food from tourists. I cried when I saw the video. Contact info is posted if you can email two different people asking for their assistance. A letter is written, so all you have to do is copy and paste, sign your name and send. They believe if they can get the bears out first, they can get help for the other animals next. The bears are so thin, time is running out. If anyone can and will help, it is much appreciated. I have nothing to do with the petition. I am just trying to get help for these animals before they die. Thank you so much.

    Angie Rabon

    • I saw the bears, too. I can’t wrap my head around anything happening there. It’s too sad to even contemplate. You could see their ribs.
      Signed and shared BOTH petitions.

  6. David Lavery says:

    Visitors saw an Elephant suffering, why don’t they realise that they are helping to keep these evil places open. There needs to be world condemnation of zoos, they are not sanctuaries, they are places of cruelty. People need to boycott them.

  7. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Please shut down this “hell hole”. You are supposed to be caring for these animals. Instead, you torture , neglect and abuse them.

  8. SHUT THIS TORTURE CHAMBER DOWN! WHY IS THERE DISCUSSION AND NO ACTION? Why are people visiting this terrible place to see animals suffer?

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