Dog Found Abandoned and Starving in Her Own Feces Deserves Justice

Target: Tony Clark, Washington County, Tennessee District Attorney General

Goal: Punish man who allegedly left dog starving in filth for two months.

A Tennessee man has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty for improper care of a dying dog. The 12 year-old dog, Tanny, was reportedly left to die in an out building without proper food, water, or care for almost two months. She was found when neighbors heard the dog whining and called the police. Tanny was discovered in such awful shape that she was almost immediately euthanized. Tanny’s owner needs to be prosecuted and punished for his alleged crimes.

Tanny appears to have been left in a building, alone, unable to move or walk; she sat for two months in her own urine and feces. When she was found, her hair was completely matted together and she was terribly emaciated. There was evidence that her owner attempted to feed her, but the food that was left for her was unreachable because of her inability to walk. A healthy dog requires more than just feeding, let alone a sick dog. She did not receive proper care during her sickness and suffered much more than any animal ever should.

It is completely and utterly inhumane to leave a sick and dying dog alone, without adequate food or water. If crimes like these were committed against a human the repercussions would be immense. Tanny deserves justice for being left to die for almost two months.

Sign this petition to ensure the punishment of the man accused of leaving Tanny for dead.


Dear Mr. Clark,

A man was recently arrested for allegedly leaving a dog to suffer in isolation for almost two months. The dog, Tanny, was apparently left in a building, unable to move and lying in her own urine and feces. She was not given adequate food or water, and was left alone while becoming more sick every day. No animal deserves this kind of treatment. Because of this man’s alleged actions, Tanny suffered for two months before finally being euthanized.

There is a court date scheduled soon. We must ensure this man is held responsible for his alleged neglect of Tanny, as well as hope this never happens again. Animals are living, feeling creatures, just like human beings. If a human were treated in this way there would be outrage. Use your power to ensure justice for Tanny and treat this as though it were a crime committed towards a human being. No animal deserves to be treated this way, especially in a time of sickness.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: garisquehago

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  1. imagine the pain and loneliness this poor baby went through this bastard ought to locked and starved it’s about time an eye for eye was practiced maybe there wouldn’t be so cruelty if people got the same treatment back what they give these poor animals

    • Kristen Johnston says:

      All animal abusers should be abused and then shot. I don’t know how people can do shit like that! No compassion for other beings. They’re sick and shouldn’t exist on earth! Would be paradise here if they didn’t!! No pain, no suffering. Human’s suck!

  2. This sick,vile monster doesnt deserve a fair trial but should be put behind bars and the key thrown away! You sick bastard – how could you let this poor,old, sick and lonely baby die and be left all alone? You will get old and sick and what you did her will get back to you! Vile scum!!!!

    • Kristen Johnston says:

      The laws also don’t protect animals like they need to.
      So, make your days count by advocating for much tougher laws against animal cruelty.
      Write to the people in government etc that can legislate the needed changes.
      We don’t live in the dark ages anymore and need the laws regarding animal abuse updated big time!!

  3. Kristen Johnston says:

    All animal abusers should be abused and then shot.
    Humans are assholes! And there’s way too many of them. Meanwhile animals are going extinct because of human overpopulation and destruction of the earth.
    And, millions of other kinds of animals are killed each year, painfully like how lambs, goats, pigs, chickens, and turkeys are killed by having their throat slit so they have to lay there and suffer in agony while they helplessly bleed to death! For F sake!!
    I don’t know how people can do shit like that! No compassion for other beings. They’re sick and shouldn’t exist on earth!
    Would be paradise here if they didn’t!!
    No pain, no suffering

  4. She deserves a second chance, I’ve seen dogs and worst condition they give him a second chance and they survive she could have made it through they didn’t have to use a nicer every veterinarian is different

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